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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Bigbluefisherman, Oct 6, 2006.

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    Last night I went out bow hunting. I only saw 3 deer ( 1 doe, 1 yearling and 1 8 point! At about 630pm i had about a dozen gobblers come in, one of the birds was the one of the biggest bearded birds I have ever seen! I had one come into about 15 yds and he caught me about half way back in my draw so I didn't get a shot @ him, but about 5 minutes later or so I had the big bearded bird come into about 20yds. I pulled my bow back took aim and let her fly. I hit him what I thought was perfect! He flopped around for a couple of seconds and then he jumped up and took off running through the timber. I immediatly got down and started after him. I followed blood for about 100yards and never ended up finding him! Man that is frustrating! I am going to go out after work and see if i can find him in the daylight! Has anyone else had this happen???
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    ya know a lot of people think you have to have a hunting dog for these things- and to a degree thats true- last year I hit a deer with a bow and let my maltese get out of the truck to go siff him down lol. If ya got a buddys dog a lot of times they will naturally follow the smell of blood.

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    I have done that very thing just to end up never finding my bird. The dog trick usually works, we have done that with deer and turkeys both.

    Good luck
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    i have heard this happen a lot with bow turkey hunting.. they have a gobbler arrow tip called the gobbler guilotine. its shaped like a big cross with about a 4 inch diameter. there are 4 blades that make it look like a cross and you aim at the head and what its supposed to do is either brake its neck or cut the head off completely! u might want to look into this arrow head.
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    I've seen a video on those, the turkey's head just popped right off! One of the coolest things i've ever seen! :lol:
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    Search for turkey antomny pics to become familiar with the vitals. the vitals are pretty high up on the bird. I shoot them in the spine and they dont run or fly. "Hit em high, watch em die, hit em low, watch go".