Turkey vs rooster liver

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    I cant find any rooster liver anywhere..All the stores offer is turkey liver..is it as good better or worse? Or should I just go with chicken liver? I'll be using it on jugs. thanks!
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    Turkey livers work. And stay on the hook. Not as good as a Rooster liver stays on the hook. but they do stay on the hook better then standard livers.
    But I wil not say they catch better then standard liver. Here is a trick. Get a box of standard livers. and pour the juice and blood off them into the turkey livers it helps.
    Also lay the turkey livers out on a tray and cover with garlic powder then turn over and cover the other side. Put back in box. Keep chilled on ice. And take out what you need. Then back on ice.
    It will turn a so so turkey liver into a better bait. And the longer the garlic is left on the better it gets.
    Been using this for shoot 30 years. Used to save the livers out of the 100+ chickens we killed each year and put in the freezer. And used them. that way.