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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by misterwhisker, Jan 16, 2009.

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    spend time preseason scouting, i start about 2 or 3 weeks before the opening day i ALAWYS go to my best spots and listen to the birds (no calling you will spook birds), get a bearing on where there at, mark it down on a map if you need to, you will find that they roost and visit the same spots alot, when you get to that honey hole on opening day call soft and sparingly and that big ole boy might just give you a show....good luck
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    You tore that page right out of my book, lol. I cant add much more to it. Make sure your gun runs good and patterns well at the yardage you anticipate shooting.

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    The downfall of many a turkey is that they are creatures of habit. Find where a turkey is 1 day, and unless he is spooked, he will be there at almost the exact same time the next day. Its much much easier to call a turkey to where he wants to go....check that....where his hens want to go, than anywhere else.
    I fully agree that calling before the season is a sure way to find yourself with tight lipped birds come opening day. There is no need to call to a gobbler to get him to answer. Anything from an owl hoot, woodpecker call, peacock call, crow call, hawk scream...anything like that will get them to shock gobble. We usually drive down the road and get out and slam the door shut to get them to gobble.
    One thing many people dont take into account when setting up is that natural barriers are a turkey hunters arch-enemy. It amazes me what will hold up a turkey. Fences and creeks have saved the lives of countless birds.
    The strangest tip by far though that Ive ever heard is this one:
    If you have a bird hang up on you just outta sight, take off all your clothes and walk backwards on your hands and knees, butt first, toward the bird. Turkeys are inquisitive, and they might hang around just long enough to close the distance and get a shot...Ive never been that hard up to get a bird though:roll_eyes: