Turkey hunting strategies

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Wil, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. Wil

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    Minden Nebraska
    i was wondering if anyone has any tips for turkey hunting in different weather conditions with different weapons, im talking mostly bow and arrow here but if anyone has anytips id appreciate it. be sure to share some of your adventures too i love hearing about other peoples huntin trips
  2. dougc

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    The best advice I can give is to be where the gobblers like to strut. I'm lucky as I've hunted the same area for 15yrs and know the area I hunt pretty well.

    If you're setup where the turkeys like to hang out, you've won half the battle.

  3. brian sax

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    shawnee kansas
    After a rain, turkeys will want to get out in the open and away from the woods and tall grass. So that is a good time to hunt open places. Its also a good time just drive around and look for the turkeys. In the wind I like to hunt down in creek bottoms because turkeys will go down in there to avoid the wind, plus i think calls will carry down through them.
  4. huntsfromtree

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    KC Northland
    Wil, like doug said knowing the toms strut zones is a big advantage. And Brian is right on with with turkeys heading to open areas after rain. I like hunting old logging roads after heavy rain. As for bowhunting turks. A blind is ideal but can be pain while your running and gunning toms. We usually try to set up with good cover or behind a Oak that splits at the trunk. A decoy really helps to keep the toms attentions when you draw your bow. While bowhunting turkeys I use a Large mech. broadhead such as a spitfire or larger rockets. But I have shot 6 birds out of my treestand during the fall with muzzys and G5 montecs.... shot placement is the key I try for spine or neck shots with the bow.
  5. Crawdad

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    Best tip i can know is don't quit early. Lots of times the gobblers will get henned up soon after they come off the roost & the world's best caller couldn't get them to leave the real thing. Just find a nice oak tree in the sunny part of the forest, lean back & day dream. They'll start gobbling again at 10am & you can set your watch on it.
  6. talk2sampson

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    smithville mo
    I like to get in as close as I can while there still on the roost. I dont even think about setting up untill I start hearing gobbles. Once they start I get in as close as possible, you might be suprised with what you can get away with before they fly down. Normally when I do set up I will be able to see the birds still on roost, and if they dont fly down in the timber you'll know witch way they went and be able to follow them. I like to run and gun em so I dont use decoys, but while bowhunting I think hunting with decoys is the best bet.