Turkey and Coyote

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by hunterman1971, Mar 24, 2006.

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    I saw something yesterday that if you have a small house dog and live around coyotes you will keep them up or start hunting coyote .My wife and i were getting ready to go over to a friends house when i saw a turkey in a field in front of our home i was watching it and she saw a little house dog that lives next door on the other side of the field ..well it started running across the field and a coyote on its tail it rolled it 2 or 3 times she was yelling at it.well i did get the gun out which this was 300 to 400 yards in this soy bean field now this little dog was just running trying to get away .i tryed to get the coyote to stop so i took the best shot i could to get rid of the coyote but missed and it run off the little dog had a cut on it's head and it's ear other then that it is fine ...i thought that i would pass this around watch your dogs coyotes will not attack in packs this was just 1 coyote..
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    williamsburg ohio
    Alot of dogs and cats come up missing around here;) :mad:


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    If I see them, the're done for. They kill a lot of small animals, and you're right they will attack larger dogs in packs.