Tuff Line XP any1 ever use it?

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by Cattracker16, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Cattracker16

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    Wilton Iowa
    I bought some tuf line off ebay.. it's braided line 20 with the dia of 4 mono.. i just wondering if any1 had used it b4 and had some good or bad thoughts about the line. i guess it's made by western filament? package says tension lock tecknology? what the heck is that? it's yellow in color, so far it seems to be easier to put on a spinning reel than fireline. i just never heard of this line but am willing to try anything once. any thoughts on how it will hang in there? Thanks kenny
  2. howardstern

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    Gee, no one uses this? no post?

    I have 65 LB that has 14LB mono thickness, I really like it.
    The only bad thing I find is that if the eyes on your rod are
    stainless it will put a gouge in it. Like I just found out it did to mine.
    I am going to guess if you have those rod tips with some type of
    ceramic insert, you should be ok.. but over all I like it.


  3. GaryF

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    O.P., KS
    I had some 100lb Tuf Line XP on this spring, it seemed really tough. It seems to have just a little bit of stretch or spring compared to Powerpro that made it a lot harder to break off in a snag. Through no fault of the line, a lost about half a spool my 2nd time out with it, and I eventually respooled with something else. My limited experience with it was good, but I didn't get to see how it held up over time. I'll give it another chance one of these days.
  4. KingCat

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    Olathe Kansas
    I use 65lb XP. I haven't noticed any stretch and I've straightened a snagged #4 Eagle Claw circle hook with it.
    I won't use anything else.