Tuesday not so good on the Maumee

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    Scott would just like to say thank you for the gills and chubs you let me have, really appreciated it and it was great to meet u and your buddy!!!
    By the time I got started and headed up I could not find where I wanted to be---It was totally dark up there and even with my spot light I couldnt find it----lol----So I set up where I thought I might be close---Heard huge fish jumping around me probably carp or something--but didnt get anything----Headed back twds civilization, sat down in front of one of the campgrounds for a few hours no takers----fished pretty late think I got back to the dock bout 230am or so----Guess I need to get out there with someone who knows what the heck they are doing---So if we can jive schedules sometime I wouldnt mind taking ya in the boat if ur game for it. Or trying down river off shore etc-----Again it was great meeting ya--By the way where did u tell me u picked up that rod and reel at a great price?
    Thanx Mike