Tuckertown ???

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  1. rob128146

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    Rockwell, North Carolina
    I have always fished High Rock, Badin, and Tillery. Well when I was a little boy and growing up I always heard about the big catfish at Tuckertown. I was thinking at work today I have not seen a single post or heard of anyone fishing tuckertown.? Why is that?? Are there any fish there anymore? Does anyone fish it at all anymore? Just wondering if anyone can help.
  2. Bobwheelr

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    Tuckertown has really gone down hill the past few years due to over fishing, you can still get some channels and flats but most of the big flats are long gone. I quit fishing tuckertown about three years ago but was still getting flats from the mid 20s. Give it a try you should catch some flats in that range.

  3. Tubby Catfishin

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    Ramseur, North Carolina
    You know Ive found myself wondering the same thing lately. This is where responsibility should have been kicked into peoples head. And I fear that with all the Juggers on Badin its just a matter of time before it too will be just another story to tell.
  4. screamin clicker

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    Its a real shame if those big flatheads are gone. The biggest I was fortunate enough to see come out of there, was 68lbs, in a NCCATS tourney several years ago. It goes to show what happens when CPR isn`t practiced by people who want to catch another one in the future. :sad2:
  5. CKT

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    Seen juggers the other day near the high rock dam on tuckertown they had a pretty good spread and i seen them pulling in nice size channels it appeared one jug came buy us and it had about a 8 lb channel it got released ! had to slow down to get through all the jugs they had out .