Tuckertown Reservoir 2/3/08

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    REAL slow, not one bite. My buddy and I got out there at 6:55 after about a 45 min drive to bank fish. We stayed under the bridge at 49 most of the time. We had 3 lines of Sonny's dip bait in, fished with bass minnows/crappie minnows, nightcrawlers, cut nightcrawlers for bream/bluegill, artificials for bass (shadrap, jerk and carolina rig) and NOTHING all day. We later tried the dam but no avail there either. We talked to some other people that were at the dam, they said they had no luck today as they were fishing w/ chicken livers and nightcrawlers for catfish. I guess it was a bad day for bank fishing.. we left out around 2:30-3.


    What kind of rig do you guys use when fishing primarily rocky bottoms? I lost two rigs (carolina style/high-lo) and after that I floated most of my bait with light weight and a bobber. Is there a specific rig that will help out as far as not getting snagged up as much? Thanks


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    Take a 3 way swivel. Tie one eye to your line. Tie a leader line about 18" long to the lowest eye using small line like 8lb test and tie this to your sinker. Then on the "middle" eye tie a leader 12" long matching the line size on the reel (or size you feel you need for catching the fish you're after) and the hook. This will keep the bait off the bottom and if the sinker snags all you lose is the sinker. You can also put a small slip bobber on the bait line so it stays up/suspended.(Blues really like it that way!!) When you know you are in an area with snags always hold the rod high when you start to reel and reel fast. This gets the rig up off the bottom quickly so you dont drag the rig into something on the retrieve. Same rig can be used with smaller hooks/jigs for Crappie and works well with live bait for Stripers too!!