Trying to quit smoking?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by zappaf19, Jul 12, 2007.

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    Being a 3 pack aday smoker I have found it HARD to quit. I was @ my doctors office 3 weeks ago and told him I wanted to try these new stop smoking pills. He explained he had a 60% rate of people quiting when taking them.
    Well folks let me tell you they work and work well! They are called Chantix and they work on the reciepters (sp) in your brain suppressing the urge for a smoke. I have been taking them for 2 weeks now and have had 3 cigs. (morning with coffee, computer, BOC is tough. It is more out of habit than want.) Plus I have not taken my morning pill yet. I have not got grumpy, have not ate more than before, have not got the jitters. The only side affect is I have really wierd dreams. These pills are NOT CHEAP! Over 100$ with out insurance. But what does a carton of cigs cost? See they pay for themselves quick. Thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Any question PM me.
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    Congrats Bill! The way the government's going it'll require a bank loan to get a pack. Bet you'll never see a hooker-tax, that'd effect too many lawmakers.

    Glad I have "Big Brother" to look out for me. Now I have to go put on my government-issued helmet to walk to the mailbox...........


  3. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Thanks for the info Bill. Thinking about trying that also. I have checked and it will be $100 dollars like you said with out ins.
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    I remember when I was trying to quit. Never understood why stop smoking aids are so much more expensive than the cigarettes. :confused2: It's much cheaper to buy a pack of cigs than some gum or a patch. i actually did quit slowly over the course of a few years. Started only smoking at work or school, and stopped buying them , so I could only smoke what I could bum.
    Anyway, good luck. I hope it works. Quitting was one of the best things I have ever done.
  5. canepole

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    Bill I wish you luck and can give you alittle advice, You will probably have a time when your having a bad day or a cold or any excuse to smoke a cigg, If you give in and smoke just don't quit, Thow them away and get back in the wagon,
    The American heart and lung assoc, Say's to make ciggs a monkey on your back, leave the smokes out in your car and when you get up in the morning, Don't grab a smoke, or when you get threw eating, don't smoke, Get out of your ruetine
    One thing that helped me, I would buy tictaks and keep them in the pocket where my ciggs were and when I wanted to smoke I would take a couple tictac's and they would get me over the hump....
    Just take a day at a time, And you'll soon discover just how bad those ciggs stink, and how offensive they are to non smoker's ,
  6. SpaceAce

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    I quit exactly one year ago today. It is tough, hang in there.
  7. Dave L

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    Bill, congratulations. Them pills are god sent as far as I am concerned. I and others on this site took them last fall and as far as I know all are still off the cigs. I personally have not smoked since november of last year. I have turned many people on to them and every one has quit. I find the success rate to be closer to 100%. Keep taking the pills, at least for afew months just to be sure. If you start to smoke again, take the pills again and keep trying and you will eventually be completely free. Be sure and eat before taking the pill or you will get serious gut rot (nausea), if you haven't found out already.
    Good luck and good news, you can do it.
  8. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    One more thing you really need to know about Chantix. DO NOT STOP TAKING THEM ALL AT ONCE!!! Believe me, I tried. Me, or somebody else, anybody else, was going to get a bloody nose. It really effects your ability to control your temper. Absolutely ANYTHING would set me off, and thats not my normal self. I found online that this was common and went back and bought another supply of those pills to slowly weed myself off of them. I'm down to taking only one pill every few days, now. All together, I have spent $400 over the course of 5 months, so yes, it is expensive. However, I lost track of how long it's been now since I had my last smoke. That makes it all worthwhile. I smoked for 40 of my 53 years, and have tried many times to quit. Chantix has been the only thing that I have found to work. You still have to make the decision to quit, it won't do that for you. What it does is take away all the physical addiction. No shakes, no nervous nail biting, no binge eating. It's as if you never have smoked before, except you still have the mental addiction to a habit. I still miss lighting up and do not know if that will ever go away.
    I've only met one person who took Chantix and didn't quit. All together, I think I have met at least 30 who say it worked for them. I like those odds!!!
  9. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Cnatix doesn't work for everyone. So people get so dizzy while taking them they cant function. I work with a someone that happened to.

    I quit 4 years ago by making until 10 AM without a cigarette because I didnt have any. I finally stopped at a store and I dont know why but I came out of the store with a can of Skoal instead. I was smoking 2-3 packs a day and have never smoked since.
    The Skoal. I can take it or leave it. I usually take a dip once a day but go some days without a dip. My preference is chewing tobacco but i dont do that much at all anymore.

    I found the bulk of cigarette addiction to be the hand to mouth habit.
    When I got through eating or finished a task I found myself slapping my shirt pocket for a pack of cigarettes and a lighter that wasnt there.
    Occasionally I still do that and havent smoked in 4 years.

    I dont promote tobacco use or using Skoal to quit but it worked for me.
    I used something that I didnt prefer over something I preferred.
    I still love the smell of burning tobacco but it doesnt make me want to smoke.
    Feeling much better then when I did while smoking keeps me from smoking.
  10. MrsTop

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    I stopped smoking about 7 years ago. The best thing that I ever did.
  11. willcat

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    to all those that do smoke i heard & believe it is the hardest thing to do congrats on those that quit & good luck on those trying!!!
  12. baitchunker

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    i am on my first week with chantix. man that stuff is horrible... in a good way. my addiction is way more mental than physical. every year for hunting season i quit smoking cold turkey for about 4 months. as soon as the weather warms up i am back at it. this time it was not by choice. i have to have a surgical procedure done. hope this stuff works --and ya dreams are crazy!
  13. vfourmax

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    Chantix definately works as far as eliminating the physical addiction to nicotine and to some extent the mental addiction as well though not totally. I quit a 35 year 2+ a pack a day habit and did not smoke even one cigarette for 2 months and was doing well. I was even proud of my success in quitting but I still missed smoking as I did enjoy it.
    Unfortunately I did return to smoking about 3 months ago. Granted not smart but there were a lot of factors and stresses going on in my life from job and medical issues that contributed to that move. I am not making excuses as it was my choice and I do still enjoy smoking a cigarette!
    Granted even though I returned to smoking I only smoke about half the cigarettes I smoked for 35 years and smoke a pack or less a day now which is still a big improvement over the pre- chantix era.
    I also found out that I CAN quit WHICH WILL BE A BIG BENEFIT when I decide later in the future it is now time to lay them down for good which is also an added bonus.
    Generally in most people the side effects of the pill nausea, dizziness ect will go away or lessen after about a week of taking the pill. It is a great product and hopefully one that 10 years down the road will not be one of the miracle drugs that they find causes other problems in users that are not now known.
  14. Cheryl

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    I wish you all the will power in the world to quit! I have an RX for the Chantix, myself, but have not started it yet. Perhaps this fall, I will fill the RX and go from there. There are several here, as testified, that have quit and never began again.

    Good luck,
  15. catfish slick

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    A subject I know something about, I smoked for 45 years and couldn't quit till the doctor told me I had COPD,and that their was nothing he could do for me, that it was all down hill from their, Now let me say this, you don't want to hear them words come from your doctor, because it is not a pleasant way to die. That day as I left his office I tosed my cigretts in the trash can and I never looked back. I could not tell you how many times over the years I have tried to quit but just did not have the will power and that day I quit cold turkey with no pills,are patch, and It has been five years sence I stoped smoking and now I can't stand the smell of them and I wonder what it would have been like had I never smoked, now I have to take breathing treatments four or five times a day,I can't go fishing for fear I may get out their and not be able to get back home. My next doctors apointment is in a couple of weeks and I feal that he will most likely will put me on full time oxygen something I am not looking forward to. So my prayers go out to all you guys and gals trying to quit and that you can quit before you get in the shape I am in.
  16. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    ???? I resent that remark, Mark. Chanitx hasn't been around long enough to explain my dizziness away.

    I have come to the conclusion that dizziness is caused by having fun. I know I don't have near the fun as I used to, nor do I get dizzy as much. Why, back in my Navy days, I got dizzy every time we hit port. I have lots of fun at ball games. Sure enough, I get dizzy by the 7th inning. Don't even let me get started on deer camp. The whole 11 days get kinda fuzzy.

    Wait a second! I just thought of something else that could be the culprit of dizziness. Could it be our bodies sensing that we are shortly going to be taking aspirin & tomato juice? After all, everybody knows that dizziness causes headaches. Can't recall ever having a headache that wasn't preceded by being dizzy.
  17. trippyclwn

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    Chattanooga, Tn
    i too used to smoke i started at age 12,naturally hiding it from my mom and by the time i was 18 i had hackers cough,a lot of you smokers know what i mean its where for no reason at all you cough til you almost cant catch your breath, i went through several years like that and one day i decided it was time i gave it up before i got gave up on!
    so i made a line in the sand "this is the last pack of cigarettes i will waste money on!" after that pack i bought one more and didnt get maybe 5 cigs out of it, until they got thrown away, my wife said it brought the devil out of me for a while and we almost didnt get married because of my evil twin (spawned from lack of nicotine) and my inability to realize exactly how bad off i was at the time and how i was causing her so much stress, all because of cravings for a habit that could have easily killed me back then! and still could!
    to all the people out there who are going through this really bad time please find the strength in the others who have quit and dont try totell us "we dont know what its like" cause a lot of us really do understand the hell on earth that is "actually quitting smoking!"
    i hope this helps and maybe someday we will be able to help others out when needed! :big_smile:
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    Mannford, Oklahoma
    I recently quit smoking with the help of Chantix as well. Yeah they are great and they do work. Some of the side affects may affect some people and then again may not affect others. The main side affect it had on me was the nausea. I only got it in the morning after taking my chantix. Eating helped some but most of the time I just had to sit down, close my eyes and after around 30 minutes it subsided. Oh yes I had some of the weirdest dreams and all in color. I quit May 23rd and will admit I still have the thought of smoking. But that is all it is... a thought.. it passes quickly. I cut back on chantix about a month after I quit and now I don't take them at all. I don't miss smoking but I miss the hand to mouth and it shows in my weight. I have gained a few pounds and will probably gain a few more but I can breathe and I don't have that ball and chain on me any more. I had gaining the weight but as I was told by the dr. He can't help me quit smoking, that is something I must do myself. BUT he can and will help me lose weight when the time is right. Good luck to anyone trying to quit. It's one of the hardest things you could ever want to do but the rewards are so great.
  19. jholl949

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    Mannford. Oklah
    I quit a month or so before you did, Cory. Went to my doctor for my HemoglobinA1C check-up (for diabetics) and she kept listening to my chest, which she'd not done before. She finally said, "You're in the first stages of emphysema and need to quit smoking NOW!" I reached in my pocket, laid my pack of smokes on her desk, and haven't looked back. I've gained about 10 pounds but can carry it for many more years since I won't be dead from smoking quite as soon.
    It may still get me someday from the residual effects but at least I'm not still driving the nails.
  20. pk_powell

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    I have seen first hand what smoking does.It killed my 47y/o Brother-in-law by causing Lung Cancer which spread to his bones. I seen horrible horrible effects from this stuff. If this Chantrix helps then please for those of you who haven't started it,start now please.For those of you who have started Chantrix,and suceeded in quitting,I say PRAISE GOD!! I am so proud of you. I love you people I truly do,and I don't want to get on here someday and hear about any of you being struck down with a terminal illness. Phillip, I am so very sorry to hear of your COPD,I pray even if you are on full time oxygen that someone will help you to still go fishing.Fishing is the best thing as far as outdoors enjoyment is concerned for me.I plan to continue even if I have to be helped physically to the shoreline.All of you take care and know that you loved! All my best to each of you~~~~~~~~~~~Sister Pat:big_smile::wink: