Trying to identify a shad - white stuff?

Discussion in 'Shad Talk' started by Dude, Apr 11, 2006.

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    A buddy of mine went out today on Lake pelham in culpeper,va....anyways we caught a silver-shiney fish about 8 inches long and it had white crap (doo-doo)
    comming out of it. I thought it may be semen but he said there is a shad that craps out white colored doo-doo. it got all over the boat. but i was just curious what kind of shad that would be if it is a shad. i have heard of "shiners" and wasnt too sure if they are a shad as well. I want to find this out so i can "match the hatch " for this lake , its hard getting out on a boat because its so shallow starting out but its supposedly got more catfish per acre than any other lake in the nova area.
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    Forrest Illinoi
    Dude, sent you a P.M. Hopefully it helps you out.