Trying to catch 10# plus cats. What should I use for bait?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by maliki, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. maliki

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    I fish in a Lake in my area. I am trying to catch some bigger cats and trying to start using info from eberyone here. What I want to know mainly is how do I rig the hotdogs, perch, shad, and blue gills. Also should the fish mentioned be live or dead, cut or not cut?
    I usually fish with the carolina rig setup on bottom. I fish at the opening of an ok sized cove area off main channel of lake. They are some trees in the water in the area also.
  2. Nate

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    If you want really big fish, go with live bait, or larger pieces of cut bait. What I normally do is use an egg sinker on my main line with a barrel swivel. On the other end of the swivel I put about 2 feet of line and and my hook. I then hook the live fish through his back right behind his dorsal fin.

    If there are trees in the area, drop your bait right down near them and wait.

  3. willisjj

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    I am with Nate on that one. I have caught channels on live bluegills (small ones), minnows and crawdads. My favorite bait for large channels though is cutbait. I take a bluegill, cut his head off, scale it and slit his belly so his gut pocket is hanging out and fish it with a carolina rig (same setup as Nate described).

    After rereading your thread, I guess you ain't just after large channels, sounds like you may be after flatheads as well which means definately go with the live bait. There are different methods of hooking your baitfish, some hook him throught the lips, some hook him in front of the dorsal, some behind, just depends on your personal preference and how you are fishing. Sounds like you are fishing a good area, especially around that cover. If you want more detailed advice it would help if you gave us some more detailed info on exactly what you are after and the equiptment you are using.

    As for the hotdogs, I usually (some people will frown, lol) use treble hooks. I also use a carolina rig with a hotdog too, but I tie on a snap swivel before the hook. Tear off a peice of dog and run the shank of your treble hook up through the middle and then attach it to your snap swivel and it stays on really well. I usually only use hotdogs in ponds for channels though and they seem to work very well in that respect.
  4. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    I would say try using bigger chunks of fresh cut bait such as shad,skipjack and gills. Small live bluegills,creek chubs and shiners 3-5 inches should be good also.
  5. shania

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    :0a27: with all of the Brothers on the borad. If you fish for Cats in this way - you are bound to catch Cats "10lbs or better".

    Take It Easy,
    Bert :cool:
  6. Whiskers4life

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    I just caught two cats on last thursday, one 14 and the other 16....I was using 2 to 3 inch Shad, and fishing very deep water, nearly 30 to 40 ft....Morning, from 5 am to 1:30 in the afternoon.....and it was raining....I was surprised myself, but they were biting...So on those bigger channels, I prefer live bait, or even fresh cut bait...
  7. cat4life

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    I want to try to catch a big one on shad because I have not had much luck on cut gill.
  8. Southernraised84

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    All the 10# plus fish i have caught have been on fresh water eels,or cut bait.The biggest fish i have caught to date was on fresh water eel and he was 38# you might want to give em a shot.Done here in NC you can buy them a bait shops so im not sure if you would be around your area.If you cant buy them you can trap'em yourslef i think there was a section on how to trap'em in the old BOC libary.Hope this helps

    ASASIN Guest

    Here is a list of baits and how many channels over 10 lbs. I've caught using them: Cut Shad/Shad guts-27, Worms-3, livers-1, cut bluegill-5, beejay-14, Hog Wild-2, crawdads-15, leopard frogs-6, live bluegill-4, shad sides from a store-9, shad guts from a store-7, soap-1, sure shot punch bait-1, wicked sticky-19, jo jo's pole snatcher-3, and my largest to date, an 18 lb. 1 oz. caught on a crappie critter 1/16 oz. spinner bait in chartreuse, and one other caught on an 7" Berkley Black and Chartreuse Power worm while bass fishing. So in my opinion shad has been the most effective for me. God bless.
  10. cat4life

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    MY biggest was a 31# flathead on hole live bluegill. It was on a limb line though. Never had any luck with gill on rod and reel.
  11. drews0311

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    try using some mackrel, thats what i have had the most luck with
  12. maddcatter

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    I swear by live and cut fish.
  13. catfishguy7

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    i live on bloodbait..( homemade) always works for me when i need a big channel..!
  14. channelcat_tracker

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    i think u should try to use 2 - 3 inche gills or try small chunks of crappie and carp. also for channels u should try sonnys super sticky channel cat bait blood or natural. and i caught a 7 pound cat on the river off of sonnys
  15. TrophyHunter

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    I love fresh cutbait for big channels. I've found that the fresher the better but frozen does work as well. My favourites are suckers in the spring and then I switch to Goldeyes/Mooneyes once they move into the current seams.Big leopard frogs are working pretty good right now but pretty soon I'll be switching back to suckers again.
  16. RamRod

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    I use whole shad cut on the sides at a 45 degree from gill to dorsal. (Learned that from a fellow BOC member - TSPERGIN)

    Seems to work out great! :0a26:

    JERMSQUIRM Well-Known Member

    that depends on the species. i have caught several big channels this year. 5-6 over 13 #'s. even got a big fish award for one. i use fresh cut shad. ive caught from 2 - 13#ers on heads and gut pockets that were about 2" in size. its not the size of the bait its location.

    all a 10" bait does is eliminate the 10# fish. anything over 6" eliminates fish. if you are targeting nothing but hogs use big bait. but if your out to catch fish use 3/6" baits. anything biger you eliminate fish, JMO
  18. muskie_hunter

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    i would agree with trying large chunks of cutbait....a couple weeks ago i got into a bunch of channels, all were caught on cut bait. the largest was ten pounds and it was caught on a white bass head.
  19. dafin

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    All my biggest channels(15 to 26lbs] have been caught on small toads
  20. BassMassey

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    how about a big ol' lively Gold Fish?? hook em through the back and use a 2oz sinker so he cant swim away.........