Try A Little Kindness, Friends

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    Try a Little Kindness (Words and Music by Bobby Austin and Curt Sapaugh)

    If you see your bro-ther stand-in' by the road
    with a hea-vy load --- from the seeds he's sowed,
    Like a farm-er on a lone-ly Kan-sas plain,
    Just lost his grain --- from a hea-vy rain,
    And if you see your sis-ter fall-in' by the way,
    just stop and say --- "You're go-in' the wrong way."

    You got-ta try a lit-tle kind-ness,
    Show a lit-tle kind-ness.
    Shine your light for ev-'ry-one you see,
    And if you try a lit-tle kind-ness,
    then you'll o-ver-look the blind-ness
    of nar-row-mind-ed peo-ple
    on their nar-row-mind-ed street.

    Friends (a recitation by Dick Bowman and Glen Campbell)

    Friends are never earned, they are a gift, and they're precious beyond human valuation. You dare not take them for granted, or they'll drift away like smoke, and the warmth of their caring will vanish like the chill of the endless nights. Most of my friends are unknowns, and they probably won't rate an obituary, unless they live and die in small towns where nothing much ever happens. But a few of my friends are big people; They've made the world ring with laughter down to its gaseous burning core. They're famous, sensitive, talented, and their names are household words. Yet they are no more precious in my eyes than those wonderful nobodies who live and die in small towns. Who is your friend? He's someone who warms you with a nod, or with the unspoken word in hard times when you're hurtin' beyond words. Who is your friend? She's someone who holds you to her breast and sighs softly into your hair when no other medicine can stop the pain. A friend is someone who clinks his glass against yours, or answers the phone at three in the morning when you're lost. And with a few words of encouragement and concern, makes you realize you aren't really lost at all. Friends come in both sexes and in all shades and sizes. The most important thing they have in common is the ability to share with you your most sky-splitting joys or your deepest, most awesome sorrow, for, they are your friends. :smile2:
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    Thanks for sharing catgirl.