Truman VS Lake of the Ozarks

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    I've finally gotten my wife interested in catfishing and we’ve spent the last four or five weekends out on the water. It’s been great except for the tubers, jet skis and big boats that seem to be everywhere. It takes me about 45 minutes to get to LOZ and it would be about another 1.5 hours to get to Truman. I don’t mind the extra drive time and added expense to get there, but would it be worth it or will I be running into the same mess?
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    On summer weekends, both lakes are going to be busy. Truman will always be less busy than LOZ, however, since nobody owns land at the water's edge. If you fish the upper LOZ near Warsaw, it should be a bit quieter most of the time. Unfortunately, with the high water on Truman, all the boaters that would have been up there seem to be launching at Warsaw instead so it's been a zoo there too.

    But it's a non-issue at the moment; Truman is still so high that only 3 ramps are accessible, and there's still so much debris (as in "entire trees") floating in the lake that you really don't want to be on it. Plus I'm sure this high water has the catfish scattered to the far corners of the lake - I wouldn't know where to begin looking for them right now.