Truman Tailrace Eastside versus Westside

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    I thought it would be interesting to find out why some fishermen prefer fishing the westside or prefer the eastside and I'm talking basically from the no-fishing zone to the buoys or a little below them. Is the spot preferred because in the past we took a big fish there, we dont get hung up so bad, the current is right ? Maybe its a flatter spot to sit, closer to a outhouse or any number of reasons.
    I for one can say that I'm a creature of habit and if I dont watch myself I'll be fishing the same holes all the time and never try something new. Like a thirsty mule headed for a favorite waterhole I'll end up at the same spot every time. I probably need to spend more time up on the bank studying the water and learning to read where to be.
    Our spots seem to be on the east side almost to the last pull in, just above the handicap pier and on the west side just below the buoys. All of these spots have several things in common - Lawn chair accesable, close bathrooms for the wife and we dont get hung up alot.
    I know this area changes almost from moment to moment with the amount of flow coming from the dam and the good experienced fisherman will know exactly where to go and that is probably dictated by the current. Lets hear what your preferences are and why. Maybe when I hear your ideas I'll be able to add them too or alter mine and make a few better decisions. Paul