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I hear about the KK flats, would this be the area or by the island that is south of the old kk road?

the east side of the island slops slowly towards the channel against the bluff its 1 of the widest open water areas on truman closr to the island on the east side runs 2 to 10 foot a hundred yards or more out then slops down to lots of 20 to 30 foot of water

the other side of the island (west ) the channel runs very close to it with 60 foot of water then as you go west from the island towards hoggels creek runs 30 to 40 foot
but it also has some nice humps .

both sides of the island produce alot a fish durring the spring ,,summer and fall months but gets alot of fishing pressure from juggers and rod and reel fisherman .

its also a hot spot for white bass and hybrids and walleye trolling crank baits .

a few old road beds are in this area also that allways seem to hold fish of all species .

becarefull tho this spot is wide open and a 15 to 25 mile per hour wind can create some big white caps and rollers not uncommon to have 2 to 4 foot waves .

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Thanks Scotty; that is some great info....
I will keep a look out for the white caps and rollers, I may go below the dam, if the wind is to high.
I just have a 16' bass tracker... I have been on go size white caps before in it, and let’s say it was not fun.

But this fat man need fish & taters, I'v been out for months now :freaked-out:
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