Truman lake this weekend

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  1. Hooked-on-cats

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    Hey guys, Im heading to Truman Lake this weekend. We're doing some snaggin for spoons and will target some big blues also. Anyone been catin there lately and if so any tips? Also, hows the crappie biting?
  2. loanwizard

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    I was just there this weekend for many hours without bites. Of course I am not from the area. We put in at the Marina and fished past the cut, around Shawnee bend, past the mile long bridge. We marked fish at approx 45 feet but they all had lockjaw. Below the dam they didn't run any water while we were there. We put in at Warsaw and came up river approx 2 miles. I marked more fish than I have ever seen all through the water column. In fact, I checked my finder to make sure that it wasn't on demo mode. These fish were huge on my graph. I am assuming that these were the spoonbill as we never had a bite there either.

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