Truman Lake, MO

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    The bite was slow and we had a small 2-man tent pitched on our pontoon. I had two poles out the back with live bluegills, about 3-4 inches baited. I had fallen asleep with my wife in this small tent with sleeping bags over and under us. The bait clicker went off, a long continuous run. I awoke and had a lot of trouble getting out of the tent, the sleeping bags were like an octopus holding me back plus I had fallen asleep. I finally got out of the tent with my wife’s help pushing me. I got to the pole in time to set the hook, as if the fish wasn’t already on pulling line out running the bait clicker for what seemed like minutes and I don’t know how long before I woke, I landed him and it was my personal best an 18 pound blue cat. Oh yeah, this was three years ago, Sept of 2003 on Truman Lake where we still keep our pontoon and now a houseboat. So we do all of our fishing on Truman. I have caught plenty of blue cats, several in the 15 – 17 pound range and some small channels but nothing bigger than this catfish of three years ago, and I’m still hunting my first Flathead on Rod and Reel.

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    Hi Tom, I want to say high, several on here fish Truman., I fish the upper end mainly, Smith some, on Flatheads, try the edge of trees or stumps and righ in edge of timber , will also be moving down old river channel, as water cools. live bait works best, perch or shad, bullheads, I like to clip the fins off on them.
    They feed a lot at night, but can be caught in day time.
    good fishing see you on lake

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    Thanks Tom for sharing the story and the picks! Thats a nice fish! And a great toon!