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    La Plata Missouri
    I am going to try and fish Truman Lake sometime between Aug 5th and the 13th. I am on vacation that week and the wife wants to go to the state fair. Since we will be in the area I thought it would be a good idea to take a couple of days to fish the lake. I don't have a boat that I can put in the water so I am looking for a spot or two to fish from shore. Any advise on where I should be and what kind of rig and bait I should use?
    Thank you in advance for all the advise I am sure to receive if my other posts are any indication of the responses from this group.
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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Fishing below the dam is allways a good place to bank fish. A lot of the guys use long rods so they can cast to the middle of the river. Most rig with heavy line and use a 3 way rig with lighter line to the sinker so it will break off if you snag up, and you will LOL. Lots of rip rap rocks. Use shad or sunfish as bait. Good luck!

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    If you've got a few spare dollars in your pocket, you really couldn't do much better than a guided trip on Truman lake - I guarantee you'll catch a lot more fish than you will sitting on the bank. There are a couple of good catfish guides in the area.