Truman Lake flathead catfish pattern

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    I have only been fishing Truman for a couple of years trying to target flats. I have had some spotty success. I am wondering if the majority of those critters dont get out of that lake for most of the warm months into the rivers and creeks. Does anyone have any info on that for me? It seems like I do well in the spring then it dies off pretty heavy.
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    collins mo
    They will feed right after they come off the nest, seems like they like to hang around trees and drifts. and they feed at night, in the summer, they also like to feed around the bank. If you can find some a place where their is a drop off, real close to bank, also root wade on the bank or in edge of water with a drop off,or deeper water, In the fall and late winter they will migrate to deeper water, and they seem to travel the main channel, use to pick up some in the middle of river channel, in early winter. and poles stuck in the bank or tied to stump or drift, in summer.
    Hope this gives you some ideas.