Truman Lake and trying to fish with my husband

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    This photo was taken on Truman Lake in 2002, before I had to have surgery
    on my shoulder. We had went to the lake as we always do in May but on the
    second day out, we blowed the boat motor and had to haul everything home
    the next day. About 3 weeks later we went back, complete with Darrell's
    new, 'Beck, I've got to have THAT boat motor' motor.
    Now, this new boat motor is a good motor, should be, thought I was gonna
    have to mortgage the farm. And it is very quite. But I find 2 faults
    with it. It is butt ugly and Oh My, the take offs. Darrell LOVES his new boat motor
    and it must just tickle him to eath to nail that thing and take off.
    In the first pic, we were in a cove and I had just finished baiting a trot
    line and we were in the process of idling out of the cove. While Darrell
    was driving ever so slow, I was on the back of the boat putting things away
    and tying things down, for I knew the run to the next cove was going to be
    at high speed. I usually set on the back of the boat while we run down
    the lake, holding the big bucket full of perch that I had caught, to keep
    it from spilling over, for I was using live Perch on my trot lines.
    I heard Darrell say, "Beck, you ready?" and I said, "Yes, just as soon as I
    get my fishing pole." According to Darrell ALL he heard was the Yes part,
    not the part where I said 'as soon as I get my pole.' I stood up to get
    my pole and just as I did, he nailed that new blame boat motor. I went in
    the lake head first. Now that was bad enough, but the goon doesn't miss
    me till he gets to the next cove and THEN he comes back to look for me.
    As I am swimming to the bank I see that idiot headed back to me. The madder
    I swim, the longer I get.
    He takes this first pic of me in the water as he is trying to talk me into
    climbing back into the boat, and he is laughing and taking pics at the same
    In the second pic, he has just beached the boat, I had finally made it to
    shore and I walk up to the boat and take the camera away from him and
    REFUSE to get back in the boat with him. The longer he sets on the front
    of that boat and laughing at me, for I am having a HISSY fit up on the bank
    and really telling him off, he goes to laughing again!!! That makes me
    even madder and I go to chunking rocks at him.
    In the meantime while him and I are having this lil talk, I notice that the
    jug line I have floating out in the lake, is moving and taking off. If you will look real
    close, right over the top of Darrell's
    head in the second picture, there is a small white dot there behind him.
    That is the jug line I see moving and I decide maybe I will get back in the
    boat but under the condition that I get to drive. Well he agrees and then
    we go to running the trot lines and jug lines and we forget about his
    trying to drown and leave me there in the middle of the lake. Finally
    that night, as we were headed back to the shore for the night, I accused
    him AGAIN of trying to drown me, he says, "Beck, I didn't mean to take off
    without you being ready, I thought you were ready". Then he kissed me and
    I decided then and there, maybe it was an accident. But then he opens his
    mouth and says, "Beck, I had to come back and get you, for you still
    haven't told me how to read the lake and how you know where to set the
    lines." I reached in the live well and got the biggest bass he had caught
    that day and threw it back in the lake.


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    We women can't live with em and then we can't live without em!!! I got quite a kick out of your story,the least he could've done was bought you a dozen roses!:haha: :haha: :haha: Boys and their toys!!!

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    What a great story my friend did that to my husband once and he didnt' think it was funny either. we were camping and George had just taken a shower and put on clean clothes the kids wanted to go swimming and he said he was not going to get wet again that daY. They took a boat ride instead and Jenny ended up turning to fast and threw him right up over her and out the side,when he finally came up he said Damn it Ginny I didn't want to get wet. So to save her butt she started crying and sobing and telling him how sorry she was and when we got back to the camper she just burst out laughing and said"I sure saved my butt"" We have laughed about this for years.

    Thank you for your story