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    Since many of us on this site have trucks and SUVs, I was wondering what you have and any modifications you have done to make it your own. Me I have an 89 Dodge Ramcharger with the 360 as an ongoing project hope to have it lifted and on 35 inch tires before this time next year, need to fix the tranny first and maybe rebuild the differentials. I also have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 318 in it, very soon it will be getting a K&N fuel injection performace kit along with a throttle body spacer, new muffler and a high flow catalytic converter, I would like to put headers on it, but they are awful expensive and I haven't convinced my wife that I NEED them yet. This fall I will be putting a 2 inch lift on her to bring it up a bit and run 31 inch tires, I would go bigger with the lift and tires, but my wife still drives it from time to time. Those are my plans.... tell me what you have, and any tips that others may find useful.


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    Only mods I did to my 05 dodge 4x4 diesel is the stereo system. no other mods are needed or wanted, my wifes new 06 tundra we put on nerf bars and a class 3-4 hitch only mods it will get and the only mods on my old 91 f-150 which only has 77k on it is the stereo and a class 3/4 hitch and a set of wheels. As you can tell i like stock for the most part. That and the fact there really isnt any mods other then suspension and body that are legal in cali. Since I dont like loud mufflers and such I cant see wasting the money for exhaust systems etc.

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    NC (Fort Sill, OK right now)
    I have a 2004 Nissan Xterra. 4x4 with the Supercharged V-6. The only mods I have done are put on a class III hitch, taillight guards, fill the back with lots of fishing and towing stuff, and a custom scratch and dent package from offroading. LOL. I do plan on making a custom rod rack for the front brushguard when I get back to NC though, for fishing at the coast.