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Tru Turn catfish hooks

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Does anyone else use these hooks. Ive been using them for a couple years after breaking a couple eagle claw hooks. I dont remember a fish not being hooked in the corner of the mouth. Ive tried circles but didnt like them but I may try again. These hooks work great for me and was wondering if anyone else had used them, especially for flats. Ive been using 4/0 for channels and gonna get 7 or 8/0 for bigger fish.
Was looking on the back and theyre invented by WW2 vet. John Campbell adn are recommended by US Army for military survival kits.
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ive never used them but i just bought me a small pack to try out,im experiminting with different types of hooks to see what works better for me.Ive heard nothing but good things about them so im going to give them a try.When you use yours let me know how they do for youand how well you like them.thanks
Ive used them and like them i never had a problem with them.
They are a good hook, I used them for years. I went to circles and never had a problem and I'm finding it hard to go back to a J hook of any kind.
I used Tru turns and then went to 7/0 Kahles because I couldnt feel good about that small gap in the circles.I have caught lots of fish on the circles however when fishing with guides that use them.The best circles I have seen are the Daiichi circle chunks which have a wider gap
I really liked Tru-Turn hooks as a younger person anxious to rip the lips off anything big enough to take the size of baits I used! I bought a package of 50 7/0's last year at a yardsale for 3 dollars, for a backup if I run out of 5/0 Eagle Claw Laser Sharp Trebles! If you are a big fish eater and wish to take home more fish, then use the hook that strikes back! Set that Hook! Rip Them Lips! True Turns outpreformed any hook I'd used in 30 years of Catfishin'
Laser Sharps about 5/0 will do the trick many times when other won't and they are relatively cheap!
Ive had alot of misses with them.the first time i used them i caught a good cat on them but since then i havent been able to hook any up with them.Is there a trick to using them like there is to fishing with circles?
I tried them when they first came out and had the same problems and havn't used them since
I bought them one time and was fishing with them and missing fish left and right.I tried setting the hook and not setting the hook and still was missing fish.The one time i hooked one the darn hook broke in half i ant lieing about that it wasent a monster fish either maybe 15 pounds at the most got him to the side of the boat went to net him, he rolled one good time the snap.I threw the rest of them away and went back to the good ol Gamakatsu circles.All in all i would have to say IMO i dont like them.
If it says Tru- Turn, it's not worth the paper to package it .
I finally gave away a box of a 100 of those to some unlucky catfisherman, after some lucky fisherman gave them to me.
I'm just glad to be lucky again myself. :D
I'd agree with everyone a little on this one I've had great luck with them hooking the fish, their pretty good at it. But they do seem brittle I've broke a couple, the majority of um stratin out, but they break more than any other hook I've used. I'm wondering if it doesen't go back to the o'l cheaper stuff for retailers thing, because wall marts got an almost alluminum colored tru turn but I've seen a regular bronze style tru turns elsewere. I'm just guessing but the brittle ones you guys were the alluminum colored ones?
I've never had any trouble with the tru-turn hooks. I like them better than any other for catfishing. I don't miss many fish and I've never had one break on me. I also use them in red for all my crappie fishing.
Brian, I have a couple of packages of Tru-turn Catfish hooks that I'd be more than happy to send you. "Around 20/30 each, sizes 4/0 and 5/0. When I first started Catfishing, that was all I used, but after I discovered "Circles", that is all I use now. Just send me a PM with your address, and I'll have all I have on the way, postage paid ;) , lol. I need to make room in my hook compartment, just never could bring myself to just pitch'em out.
If Brian doesn't want them, I'll send them to anyone who does.
Apology in order, so, I apologize. When I went to get the Truturn hooks out, in the event someone wanted them, I couldn't find them. That's when I realized I'd already given them to "Jonesy" one of the BOC members when he visited me a couple of months ago. Excuse my short memory. Doesn't look like anyone wanted them anyway.
I love their red color hooks for panfishing. They are my favorite hook to use. But this year I've only fished one time for non-cats & it was suring a crappie tourney in Ohio. We took 8th place, won some $ & I was using true turn hooks. I'm a circle hook guy for cats, so I cant recomend the tru-turns, but can say their panfish hooks are great.
I've used em and missed every bite! I've learned to use whats best for me,circles,trebs and kahles. :cool:
used them and hate them. on the rare occasion I did hook a fish with one it broke or wasn't hooked very well. seem to be made of cheap brittle metal thats hard to put a lasting point on. use mostly Mustad circle and kahyle hooks now. I've never had a mustad hook break and come sharp and are easy to resharpen much better metal.
Ive used Tru Turn hooks for a few years now. Ive had alot of success with them and their about all I will use when going after big flatties
I've used them before but never again. I prefer a good Kahle or circle instead.
I also tried the TruTurn hooks and wasn't happy with them. The only cat hooks I use now are Daichii Chunk Light cricles and Octopus wide gap. Never had a problem with either of these.
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