Trout pit in south east Kansas new regulation

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by Redd, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. Redd

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    Southeast Kansas
    Just lettin' ya'll know that fish the strip pits here in s.e. KS, that you now have to have a trout stamp to fish the trout pit. Last year it was only if you were fishing for trout, but apparantly not anymore. Thought you few that fish it might like the heads up.

  2. Lyle

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    Lawrence, Kansas
    Not only that, but from what I could tell you will need a Trout stamp to fish any state funded/stocked Trout lake, only ONCE trout season has opened. ~Oct 15 iirc on into the new year.

    I have no problem with this regulation. I do know for the last few years there have been problems with fishers going after trout and not having a stamp at Lake Henry. So this is a nice change imo :)

  3. DM1975

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    Manhattan, Kansas
    April 15th is the end of trout season anyways, until it starts up again I believe you will be fine without a trout stamp. At least that is the way I read the law about it.
  4. KanHeadhunter

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    S. E. K.
    DM1975..........This pit is open year around for fishing, it doesn't have a open & closed season on it. The trout in it aren't very big but it does have very big channel in it.
  5. KSFish

    KSFish New Member

    A guy I work with took a trout out of it last year that was over 7 lbs. It was a monster. I fish for trout in Taneycomo in S.W. Mo and have always wanted to catch a monster like that! I have never tried the pit though, but have always heard good things about it.