Trout fishing in a stream? I need tips

Discussion in 'Trout Fishing' started by whiskerchaser, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. whiskerchaser

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    New Mexico
    Ok at my local city lake there is a run off stream which is about 3 maybe 4ft wide and maybe 1 or 2 feet deep any tips for catching trout? also is there a sure fire bait to catch big trout in the actual lake?
  2. field989

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    east central indiana

    are u sure there are trout in there???

    but i would try and find some of the bugs that are around and try to get a fly that matches them... and drift it down stream... or try and find it when the bugs are hatching and get a fly to match the hatch and try that.... but i heard corn will work for stocked trout..

    thats all i got

    hope this helps


  3. Mutt

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    Yep find out what kind of bugs that are buzzing around at the stream get some flys that resemble them. If you do not have a fly pole setup you can take a light action spinning reel and pole with some light line on it around 4 pound tie the fly to the end and about 3 feet up from the fly put a clear bobber on that will give you the weight you will need to get it up stream a bit and then let it float down simple easy way to fish a fly without the fly pole setup and experience. as for the lake night crawlers power bait salmon eggs all kinds of stuff you can use. you can also toss a mepps out in the stream too and try that for some trout.
  4. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    you want to fish structure and ripples. use very little weight so your bait is presented naturally. any live bait works great. and if your fishing for native trout, they hit fast, hard and swallow quick so becareful of gut hooking! Native trout here in PA are found in tiny springs in pools the size of a puddle. Drift a piece of worm past a stump or rock and you get hammered by the prettiest trout you'll see. Their midgets but fight harder then the stocked inbreds the fish commission puts out. But be stealthy when approaching a pool. small stream trout are used to everything coming and trying to eat them like racoons, birds, snakes,turtles & such.
  5. tncatfishing

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    clk. tn
    Big trout use big spinner baits. In that small of a stream finding trout should be easy, use some smaller spinner baits and if you have a flyrod try an assortment of flies and put it right in front of them if you can find them.
  6. rushing

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    I would fish a streamer pattern in the lake with a beadhead pheasant tail dropper. For the creek do some exploring and make sure there is fish in there before you waste time fishing it. If you find some fish in there come back the next day and stock up on them since trout in small streams tend to spook easily. You can use an ultra light with 2-4lb test a small split shot and a small worm on a size 10 hook. Only bait fish if you plan on keeping what you catch. Trout tend to swallow bait and they will die if gut hooked. They're a very fragile fish.
  7. MattShannon

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    i've caught all kinds of trout in all kinds of water using power bait. rainbow color power bait is my favorite. even caught natives on it, but for natives, my favorite is a black rooster tail spinner. good luck
  8. willplumb4fish

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    i trout fish in the winter months at spring river in arkansas....usually in november till febuary...the colder the better for me....i wade fish with a ulra light four foot rod...spincast and use 4 lb line with a small small tremble...bait?.......i do well with rainbow power bait, sometimes small minnows and the fly fishers do well....even though i odnt do the fly fishing routine...anyways last time i went me and two partners caught about 128 1 1/2 lbers... the are delicious fried after saoked in milk and battered in lemon pepper, tonys creol, and corn meal....good luck with your trout
  9. laidbck111

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    salmon eggs and corn have always worked for me I have even had luck with small barbless Mepps spinners( not treble hook ) good luck. Oh yea if possible like the others have said try to match the hatch.
  10. carpet1

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    Ash Flat,Arkansas
    I use a Rebel crawdad Crankbait on Spring River in Arkansas I catch my limit about every time
  11. delawareriver

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    bath pa
    stocked trout i almost always use bread, never fails me really but sometimes it good to mix it up with powerbait, power honey worms (did great with these this year), spinners, and natural bait. if there native or wild trout i would suggest drifting garden worms especialy right after some rain. the rain makes the creek water more cloudy and dirty making the fish less spooky and brings many worms into the stream and i you cant go wrong with a small garden worm. best advice is try a few different things till you find what works and keep moving. i do best on the days i fish a mile or two of stream instead of staying in one or two good looking holes.