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    me and a freind fished the Beaver tailwater (arkansas/white river) last saturday. we put the boat in the water at 7:15 am put the boat back on the trailer at 2:pm. we caught 52 rainbow trout and released 41 of them. kept 9 for dinner. fish ranged from 12 to 18 inches long. we have a slot limit every thing between 13 to 16 inches is catch and release. baits we caught trout on were shad rap crank baits in sizes sr5 & sr7 , carolina rigged power eggs tipped with wax worms, size 8 olive wooly buggers fish on sinktip 6 weight line. the river is was 13 feet above normal and clear . we have had major flooding and it will be exciting to finally see the water down to wadeable levals. it should be like a brand new river when the water goes down.