Trouble keeping bait

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by prodigey, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. prodigey

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    im fishing for cats on the kaskaskia and my baits gone as quick as i put it on im usuing large shad minnows and bluegill but have a feeling gar and tutrtles are robbing me any ideas how to stop this ??
  2. godsglad8tor

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    well you didnt say you were using live shad, minnows and bluegills, if your using dead ones, my grandpa showed me a trick, give your self sum play with your leader and wrap your line around the tail about 2 or 3 times, then hook the bait from the side near the upper back, should stay on pretty good, works best with minnows and anchovies, another way is if your using live bait, hook them clean through whereever you want excep the eye, pull your hook through them so your line goes through, then re hook, now if that comes off you know its something messing with your bait....:0a26:

  3. dewboy24us

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    first of all, welcome to the BOC.
    as for bait stealers. hooking behind the dorsel fin or on bottom if running a slip rig will put your hook mid way in the bait, better chance for hook up. one thing i've noticed this year is the cats are light biting. if your using a long leader (over 6-8 inches) the fish can take your bait and the rod will never wiggle. more people up at the carlyle spillway have had luck with bobber for this reason right now.
    and the fact that there was a bumper crop of baby channels this year aint helpin (can't throw a cast net with out gettin 3 or 4).
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    My old man lives over by Shelbyville and I've fished the Kaskaskia with him during the summer a few times when it's down and moving slow and the gar and turtles drive me nuts. If the river's up enough, find a place with some current if you can. That will at least lessen the number of gars around. Other than that, hope that big flat hits before the turtles and gars get all your bait:wink: