Trouble hooking up after a light bite.

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by cat tamer, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. cat tamer

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    This past sunday I was fishing in the river next to large structure in the main channel and was getting light bites, so I picked up the rod and tightend up the drag and starting reeling with out setting the hook as I was using #8 circle hooks and they don't need to be set, and after a good five minutes or so of constant fight it stops and when I reel in the cut shad it is smashed to a pulp. this happend twice.
    Is it possible that it was a flat head that was holding the bait under the crusher pads just in front of the gullet with its mouth still open and I did not give it a chance to get turned away so that the hook would set ?
    whats is the best hook choice and method ?
  2. dougc

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    Kirk, while fishing on Saturday I was getting the same type bites that we were getting the week before. Using about 6" shad with about 2" of the tail cut off, the fish were hitting hard, but only the body. The baits were coming back smashed and with the skin ripped off. I think downsizing a little bit, to maybe a 6/0 hook and only using the head or a small chunk of bait might be the answer. I'd sure like to test this out, but the weather doesn't look like it's going to cooperate for a little while.

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    Hey Kirk, go to this post and read it. I have had the same problem this fall and some in the summer months.