Trotlining on the Red River

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    Father-in-law and I set some lines on the Red about 2 weeks ago. Didn't start putting the lines out until 4pm. Ended up putting 3 short lines and 7 long (20-30 hooks?) lines out. A little back ground on this trip-My father-in-law used to be an avid trotliner 15 years ago. I'm telling ya this man can read the water like no one I've ever met. Health problems caused him to stop fishing for 10 yrs. He always perked up when I would need to borrow his flat bottom or ask for his advice on setting lines. Well he is in much better health now due to a 5 bypass surgery about 5 years ago. When I asked him (family decided that he needed to get back on the river ) to take me out and teach me how to fish the river when it was low, he was a bit hesitant but agreed to go. We had a blast!! He was able to show me things about reading the river and setting lines that would have taken years to figger out on my own. We caught enough fish that we started culling before we got to the last line. Didn't have any monsters but did have a couple around 15 and 20 lbs. When I commented that a REALLY BIG fish would be fun to catch he said " Boy you gotta fish different for the whales!". We are going to go in the next week or so and try to catch a monster. I told him that we could just take pictures and let the big ones loose. Paused to see what he had to say about that! "Good, don't like cleaning the big sum b----s any way." Was relieved to see we were on the same page.
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    Great post Tiger. Getting his spirits back and on the river again is something special. Not to mention what you learned from him.

  3. You are one lucky fellow to have the years of experience and skill available to you. You father in law is also very lucky to have a son in law like you that will help him get back on the water. I am truly jealous.
    I would like to think I am pretty good at reading the river but I know I'm not. There are a couple of fellows here that have run lines for years (only one of them still active) and they are the living legends around these parts when it comes to catfish.
    Learn as much as he is willing to share and value those lessons.