Trotlining on Tensaw river

Discussion in 'Boating Stories' started by ole whiskers, Aug 1, 2008.

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    Decided to go run my lines by myself. Should have stayed home.... After running two lines and catching 20 cats the third line was hung on something about 15 hooks out. Started working my way out by pulling the line trying to break it free. While pulling I remembered I was not taking the hooks out as I worked my way closer to the snag. Tried to let the tention out and a hook got my forearm. DEEP! I was holding with both hands, the boat turned sideways in the current and My knife was in the tackle box. Had to let go with my free arm to hold the boat. Used my foot to kick open the box. The knife was on top so I kicked it closer to me. With a split second I let go of the boat grabbed the knife and cut the line. After drifting down river a mile or so to slow my heart down. I headed to the hospital to get hook removed. NEVER run lines in a river current without a knife on your side.
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    Very sorry to read this and i'm glad it wasn't worse. Very well could have been. A net grab works wonders for hung up lines, especially in current. Hope your ok and welcome to the BOC.

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    Wasn't quite the boating story I was expecting. Wow it could have been way worse. I had a couple scares involving boat, current, anchor and debris and all I can say is I'm glad I had a knife ON ME. And I won't leave home with out it.
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    You need to have a sharp knife where you can always grab it with either hand. The hand on the side where the knife is may be the one hung up. I've been hung up with a hook in my right hand and a knife on the seat on my right side; couldn't reach the knife, and had to rip the hooks out. I've been trying to find one of the chest mounted ones like they use in the military.
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    Now thats a great idea, Jerry. A knife holder that fits around your sholders so the knife would be located on your chest.:wink:
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    That happen to a guy about 4 yrs ago right across rge boat ramp in Mt.Vernon on the Mobile River and he is no longer here to talk about it. He fell out of the bioat and did not have his safty hooked up and the boat and it was all over