trotlining/limblining in a lake?

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    ok heres my cituataion theres a lake on my way to and from skool so i want to run a couple lines i know theres channels in there but not shure about flatts because the oldtimers say the lake record is a 70lb flatt but i dont know if i can belive that so i was just wandering wat do u guys think i should bait up wit and should i use sinkers on the lines ill probly just set 1 trot and som limb lines watch ya think?
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    I know a man that caught 70lb flat heads on trout lines. He used white pearch or live bream. He would put a big waight on both ends of the line and sink it. You have to remember were it is, use a big treble hook to snage the line to pull it back up. Better check the law on useing live bait and sinking a trout line tho.

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    That sounds good. I would use live bait, especially on the limblines. I do use weights on my lines. I tie my lines off on both ends and either put a weight in the middle, or one on each end. This time of year you need to put your lines in deep water. I wouldn't use really big bait either. Oh, just one more little piece of advice. Tie your trotline off under the water so it can't be seen. There are people that will run your lines and that is butt chappin' when you find out. :wink: