Trotlining in the heat of summer

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    I posted this ‘method’ for making boilie dumplings on this forum because this is a slow release bait suitable for trotlining in the dead of summer, they will last for days on the hook.

    Whatever the odious scents you prefer to put in your flour based dough, roll it out flat about ¼” thick and slice them into ½” - 5/8” squares/rectangles; poke holes (indentations actually) to accommodate the hookup in the dumplings with a small nail or something.​

    Separate the dumplings and drop them into boiling water; about 30 seconds after they float they’re done cooking; remove from the boiling water and chill immediately in ice water (I learned this step from ShilohRed), the chilling process makes them tougher; drain them in a colander; spread them out in trays to sun dry until they have a leathery feel to them (watch carefully and don‘t over dry them, it doesn‘t take long in the hot sun). ​

    The finished product; I usually make large batches of these and vacuum package in quantities of 50-100 and freeze. ​

    IME, channels will go for just about any flour based boilie no matter how it‘s scented, but the ‘sucker family’ does also. Boilies scented with corn tend to catch carp; boilies scented with cottonseed and or spinach tend to catch buffalo and red horse suckers. It’s a lot of fun to catch these big suckers, even if you don’t intend to eat them you can CPR (but fresh buffalo sucker is some fine tasting fish, they’re just boney). Kids will have a blast catching them; buffalos especially will explode when brought to the surface and they will get you wet. The dead of summer is prime time to catch them, and they bite day and night. The kids have fun making the boilies too, some of it can be tedious work.

    AND, use small hooks, #1 or 1/0. These hooks have caught 20 lbers for me, and you’ll catch plenty of eating size channels to boot.