Trotline Storage for Catfishing

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    Original post made by Eric Ogden(Eogden) on September 17, 2002

    I think that I've found a good way of storing & using trotlines. I started using the extension cord reels found at Wally World. My lines are all made with a large snap swivel to attach the stagings to. This allows me to remove all the drops. The main line is then rolled up on the reel. When laying a line just hook the end onto whatever you are tying off on and go. Since the reel spins you can hold it with one hand while running the boat with the other. Anchor the loose end and then return to your tie off point, follow the line & attach your drops. I use a large dog snap tied to the boat to clip over the main line while baiting or checking to keep from dropping the line over the edge & having to start over. I keep my drops in a 5 gal. bucket with notches filed in it to keep them straight. Drops are pre-baited so that you just have to pull them loose and hook onto the snap swivels.