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    im new at the ones u buy at walmart good or should i build my own and if so how the heck do u tie the leader to yhe main line and make it hold or not slip
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    Since you are new at trotlining I suggest you start with the wal mart lines.
    Make sure they are legal in your state.
    for instance
    The wally world lines have 20 hooks. You can only use 15 here in Iowa.
    I haven't been to the library in a while but there are probably instructions on making you own trot line there.
    Have a good 1

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    The actual lines are very easy to make. I start with about 20 ft. of tag end and throw a small loop every 3 to 5 feet after that until I have the number of drops I want, then pull another 20 feet or so and cut it off the spool. The drops are a little harder, but not much. I do suggest buying the clips ( made by Magic Bait I think). They do make life easier when unrolling the line and baiting. I start by baiting my drop lines tied to the clips and leave them lined up on one of my bench seats, then unroll my main line and tie it between trees. From that point you can pull yourself along the mainline and attach a baited clip as you get to a loop. Once baited, I pull myself back along the line and attach my weight to sink the thing. If you cant find the clips, Big swivels with clips work almost as well. I also suggest using heavier main line than used on the commercial ones. It's alot more comfortable when pulling your boat aling the line. Hope that helps.
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    But this is what I use on the MO river No 84 gold braid 720 lb main line. Thread 15 or so NO 2/0 swivles on the line then tie a 3 inch loop with a swivle and a overhand knot then another ovehand knot right against the first. You should get a 3 inch drop loop with a swivle on it. Then move down in 6 or 10 ft intervals if ya go with 6 ft use about 24 swivles and tie the rest of your loops with the swivles in em . To make my drops I just wind 150 to 300 lb test on my hand down to my elbow like a extention cord and cut it in half you should get line about 18 to 24 inches. Thread on a hook and double overhand knot the ends the same as on the line. You should get a loop of line 1 ft or so with the hook. I use 350 lb 1/4 inch rope 25 ft for bank tie off to the line and another 25 ft chunk for the anchor to the trot line connection. You can add a few exra loops with no swivles for sink weights I perfer 3 hole red bricks with a lil extra line to tie to the loops. To attach hooks just pull a drop thrue the swivle and run the hook and line back thrue the loop, pull snug presto hook attached. This line will hold any thing ya hook in fresh water. I have lines that are 5 years old and still fish fine. A reg cinder block makes a great anchor and I pefer the heavy 20 lb railraod flats myself. You have any Questions PM me and I will post some pics of how it should all look in my albums for ya.
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    I don't recommend tying your dropper lines directly to your mainline. I did that on a couple of lines when I first started out, and found that every time I hooked a cat, the dropper ended up in a tangled mess, with the fish often getting loose. Running the mainline through one end of a heavy duty swivel so it can spin freely around the line is worth the trouble. I use a knot on each side of the swivel to keep it in place, but you can also use clamp-on keepers instead of the knots....easier, but costs more.
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    My line I built myself has butterfly loops in it. I put the swivels on the loop before tieing. Very reliable knot.