Trotline across the River

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catmaster, Mar 9, 2006.

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    SE Kansas
    Is it legal to set a trotline all the way across the river if u sink the middle to the bottom? I have done this a few times and have thought nothing of it because I sunk it to the bottom. Just want to make sure. There are not but 3 people that I know of that fish this spot of the river. So, Im not real worried about anyone getting stuck in it.
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    Only thing that I have heard/read about trotlines is, like he said, tagged with your name and address, and they cant have more than 25 hooks. You also cant set them on state-managed impoundments (lakes/reservoirs) that are less than 500 surface acres. You can also throw out 8 setlines with no more than two hooks each, and also tagged with personal info. Other than that I havent seen anything restricting trotlines. Although, also like Wolfman said, for practicality reasons, it would be a good idea to sink them some.

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    I believe that to be the rules, also you must run them every 24hrs as long as they are in the water. I believe it is wrong to leave unattended lines out fish and game (and other fisherpersons lines) can and will get tangled or hooked by them and die, especially when they are ran across frome one bank to another. I know its a pain but if you dont have time to keep an eye on them bring em in its the law and better for the fish & game.
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    Remember that if you run it across river please weight it if for some strange reason someone becomes injured in it or because of it are legally responsible, its has happened here .That is one reason for marking them and running along river banks not across river .Laywers now can do anything CYA factor .JUST like if you hit an unmarked crab trap here if its tagged you can recoup the damage done to your boat ,by unmarked all crab traps in Louisiana water must be marked by a bouy floating over it . You pick up one in the prop and it damages lower unit you can recoup the cost and believe me a crab trap will tear th heck out of a lower unit cut my share out of my bosses seapro thank God for a pair of lineman pliers .Please if you run it across a canal be carefull it doesnt catch a skier or a child tubing
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    in arkansas a trot line cannot stretch from bank to bank. and both ends must have a section of cotton rrope in the main line.