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    I recently started changing the weights I use on my Trot Lines. I used to use some Rail Road Iron that formed a "J" shape, wrapped with my line and hook staging.
    I had a friend make me an aluminum mold that I pour with melted lead. The first couple times I used it I found I didn't quite have the design right and it would not pour completely. They would turn out of the mold deformed and not complete. The lead was cooling too fast and I was not able to pour it fast enough. I had to redesign the pour holes in the mold to let me pour it faster. After I did that the weights turned out great.
    I have attached a picture of the mold and weights. This should give you some idea of what can be used.
    I scrounge lead from everywhere to melt. I bought an old cast iron pot at a flea market that is just right for melting the lead in. I use my propane fish fryer burner as the heat source. It works prefect.

    Here are the pictures:

    The Burner

    The Pots for Pouring

    A picture of the weights when they are done

    Much easier to store and use
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    Very nice article. Thanks.