Trot line Q's & Missouri river sat nite

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  1. STC T&F

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    Union, MO
    I set my first ever trot line saturday night around 5-6pm. Put in at New Haven and went down. Put one across the opening of a wing dyke, one off the end of a trail dyke and one across the mouth of Boeff Creek. 26 hooks in all, 24 with goldfish and 2 with crawdads.

    Went back on the river at about 8am Sunday morning to take the lines out and prepare for a fish fry. caught one blue about 4lbs and one channel about two lbs. all the hooks were empty, even the ones that were in 15-18 feet of water in a good current??? I was using 13/0 circle hooks. What took my bait? I assume gar inthe creek but in deeper holes with current??

    I always read that the catfishing was good when water was on the rise?

    I had a good time, being the first time I ever did the lines thing and I will do it again. I am just hoping for one of those nights where we come home with 50lbs of meat!!!!

    Thanks,and any info will be appreciated!

    Mike Olszowka
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    I have trotlined for many years and all I can tell you is sometime you catch and sometimes you don't. For your first time and the number of hooks I think you did OK. Last time out I fished 140 hooks and caught nothing. The time before I fished 100 hooks and caught 5 fish with a total weight of 63#. You never know, you just have to keep trying and may have to change locations. grizzly

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    I had trot lines out Saturday night and checked them sunday morning. I was using cut/whole shad on every hook. We got 3 blues from 8-20 lbs and one flathead at 15 lbs. Only had about 30 so hooks out. Some of the hooks hadn't been touched. Keep trying.
  4. David Knotts

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    I run my lines right at day light, my reason for this is, I think that as it gets lighter in the day, the fish that are on my lines fight to get off so they can go deep, and get out of the light.jmo Keep tryin one day you'll get into em right. That makes all the work you've done worth it.
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    I have had 7-8 juglines in the Mississippi each Saturday night for about the last 2 months. Two weeks ago we had four cats, a week ago there were three and this past Saturday night we only caught one. I guess my point here is that there are ups and downs. I know one of the downs was bringing the jugs in Sunday morning in the rain but you gotta do what you gotta do.
    How big are the goldfish you are using? I am using ones about 4" on 4/0 circle hooks so if you are using 13/0 hooks you must be using whoppers. I have seen goldfish in the baitshops that are 10-12" and was told they are used on trotlines.
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    I like to run mine first thing to another reason to get to them before fish thiefs do I try to hide mine when I can
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    Well it sounds like you had some luck, me and a friend of mine that really is the only way that we like to fish, we use 900# main lead on our lines with 5ot swivels and our drops on ours are 160# test with 8 to 10ot truturn hooks and at the end we use a window weight. As for bait we use alot of goldfish,and often sometimes the use of shade sides do seem to pour on the big blues. I joined into the BOC I think about a year ago. A good friend of mine told me about this so I would also like to say hello to all the guys out there fishing the migthy MO and if you like to trot line fish, or even rod and reel come on down to the tournament Sept 8,9 add the 10th, anways good luck fishing, Joe
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    Leslie Missouri
    Hey Michael, that's the same stretch of river I fish all the time. I don't run trotlines anymore but run limb lines, bank poles and anchored jugs now and then and what you experienced Sat nite isn't all that unusual. Some nights I do pretty good, some nights all my baits are picked off and some nights my baits go untouched. There are a lot of reasons your bait gets picked off, gars for sure like you said , but also small catfish , drum, and I'm sure that skips get some and turtles of course. And some are probably stolen by good size cats as well. They certainly don't all get hooked up. I think over the course of a year I probably average a keeper size fish on about one in six to eight hooks. But some nites are like you described and some nights are just awesome. It averages out somewhere in that neighborhood though. Don't let the one bad night bother you, keep at it and you'll hit the right night soon enough. Goldfish is what I use too , along with perch and shad. One thing I ought to mention and you may already know this, but you said you strung a line across the mouth of the Boef. If you do that then you should mark it well with jugs on at least one end if not both cause a whole bunch of guys toss cast nets in that area , from the mouth on up in there up to about the RR bridge for shad. You probably already mark your lines but just thought I might mention it cause it is a popular shad catching spot. Good luck to you. Bait up late and run em early like a couple others said as well..
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    First off I'm glad to find some others who trotline. We went out a couple of weekends ago and did really good. the four of us put out 50 hooks apiece (legal limit on the Mississippi). We each caught our limit of blues and channels and a couple of nice flats. the blues were mostly caught off the end of a dike with the lines pulled out towards the middle The flats were caught in the inside of a dyke were there is a lot of logs and such. I floated the line with jugs and baited with live gills and jumping carp. also when I cleaned the biggest blue (48LBS) i cut open its belly and it had 23 whole shad in its stomach and 3 more in its throat I guess its safe to say that they are really gorging themselves
  10. Cutshad

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    Hey Mike, for the first time settin trot lines I would say SUCCESS! I have set a few and got nothing. Could be anything on the missing bait, turtles, small fish and gar. Glad you got out there and set them and caught something besides a cold. Good luck next time!