Trophy Fishin' 2800

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    About a year ago, I started using a Trophy Fishin' spinning combo that I'd bought from e-Bay. The reel, a Trophy Fishin' 2800 seemed promising enough. However, the first real cast revealed a problem with the bail; it would not retract by itself. After spending about an hour, I tracked that down to the bail kick lever; it had apparently been installed backward. Except for a somewhat sticky drag, the combo seemed to work reasonably well; I brought in my share of trout and catfish with it.

    Today, however, when I was reeling in, I heard and felt a "clunk". The spool was no longer moving back and forth. When I got home, I found that the O/S gear was missing quite a few teeth. In all honesty, I believe that a under normal usage, a reel should last much longer than a year. If anyone else has had experience with this brand, I'd appreciate if you could post here.

    -- Rich