Trophy Fish?? Or????

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  1. catfishrollo

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    It amazes me to hear of what different people say about fish sizes and catches. To me a trophy is a fish that has personal reasons for each angler. A trophy to me may not be a trophy to the next guy. Or the next the same. It doesn't matter! A trophy is any fish that we are proud of. It doesn't hold a minimum length, or weight! I have taken many people who are proud of an average sized fish for most. And I am happy to see them appreciate it. I have also been lucky enough to catch some larger fish, and had some catch some brutes while fishing also. For the time spent, years studying, I can say... I have my own standards on considering whats a good fish. But, don't think anyone can put a weight etc. on it when telling others what is a trophy fish! Let everyone catch and decide their own, and if its a 70 pound fish, so be.... or a 17 pound so be.. As long as we all enjoy the sport of fishing, and take what we want from it... What else matters? ..We all want big rewards, but sometimes we overlook the obvious rewards we get.. Time To Go Fishing! ......rollo
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    Good point brother! When I first started fishing for flatheads, I thought that a 7lb fish was huge! Then i got an 11lb'er and was amazed then I got my Two PB's that were in the 30 and 40lb marks and I was even more hooked on catching the big boys! My biggest problem, I guess, is that every time I catch a bigger one I get a little more spoiled:smile2:...When I hit a skunk streak, I pray for even a 2lb'er:smile2:!!

  3. bownero

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    As the old saying goes. A trophy is in the eyes of the beholder!! It doesn't matter what size the fish, deer or whatever it is. If it's a trophy to you, then so be it!!:wink:
  4. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    I took a teenager out fishing last year a few times, and really tried to rig him up for success,, It seemed he didn't have ANY luck, several times, everybody else was pulling fish in,, but, HIM..
    Well, I quite trying to be so ,,,Helpful, , asked him how he wanted to rig, and fish for,,, got him set up and,, Bang, he caught himself a fish!!!

    I'll tell you,, it probably didn't weigh a pound, but, it was a huge trophy for all of us!!!
  5. jason berry

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    I hear what your saying a trophy to me has changed many times over the years over many dfferent species of fish. A trophy fish is anything bigger than you caught the last time. In some cases the same size or around your last one. I get alot of joy watchin someone else catch there PB rather than myself.
  6. gdlocal10

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    VERY well put brother :cool2::wink:
  7. catfishrollo

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    Now if ya go holding a big carp, I may have to re-sentence! LMFAO! rollo
  8. BIG_D

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    Batchtown IL.
    well as you all know iv always catfished but last year is when i started to realy get sereus about trophy fishing my pb is just 14lb mabe im greedy and i hope thats not how i sound but for myself i want to break 20lb this year that to me would be a trophy for me but you know when i break 20 im gona want more biger biger and biger it never ends we all kinda set goales and thats mine makes it fun but i never get mad over not catching fish or not breaking 20 im just happy trying and engoying the out doors
    ps. ROLLO my Trophy Carp is still BAIT:smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2:
  9. Garrett Cope

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    Columbus Ohio
    Yeehawwwwww!:wink:'s not BIG anyway....

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  10. ryang

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    Blacklick, Ohio
    Hell I catch my PB everytime I go out LOL, for me a trophy is multiple
    1. Relaxing
    2. If kids are with me they are having fun and not driving me insane:smile2:
    3. If wife is with same as 2 :wink:
    4. Having fun and being able to pee on a tree:smile2::tounge_out:
    5. If I catch a fish or get my youngest into some (gills)
    6. Ill think of more later
  11. jerryb

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    My trophy flattie will be the first one I catch - don't care whether it's 1 pound, 10 pounds or 100 pounds.... :roll_eyes:
  12. john catfish young

    john catfish young New Member

    I guess everyone has their own way of looking at things like fishing and trophy fish. Heres an attempt to shed some light on what it means in my life. I was taught at a very early age to fish by my Grandfather. It was always good to get to go fishing with Grandpa...because it seemed he always knew where some fish were hiding at. I have many fond memories from my childhood and even to this present day.

    To me fishing is the one thing I enjoy more than anything else in this world. It is medicine to my soul! It can bring a smile to my face when nothing else can! It is a way to escape from the pressures of this world and just get out and relax on the river bank. To share time with friends and family! I also enjoy fishing by myself and fishing with friends as well.

    It is hard to say excactly what makes up a trophy fish for me....because I enjoy just catching fish. I enjoy catching that big monster Bluegill or a big ole crappie or striped bass and even catching a big ole skipjack. Most of my fishing these days is fishing for bait and then trying to catch a big monster Catfish.

    To me I guess a trophy fish would be a Channelcat over 15 lbs or a Bluecat over 40 lbs or a Flathead over 40 lbs. And if I ever am blessed enough to catch a new P.B. would be a fish of a lifetime for me.

    I am always looking for the next big one, but enjoy each and every fish I catch. I also take great pleasure in releasing my fish and knowing that I no longer have to keep the fish and take it home to take pictures and kill it....but that I can take a quick digital photo or two and release it to be caught another day. I owe much of my fishing success to BOC members and friends....thanks to all of you who have shared your tips and experiences. Tight lines my friends:cool2:
  13. Blacky

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    Philadelphia, P
    Fishing is a SPORT. And in any sport, you do you best and try to win. In trophy hunting, you can't be content until you find "THE ONE".

    To a 5 year old kid, a bluegill is a trophy.
    To a 12 year old kid, a 10lber is huge.
    To the weekend warriors, a 20lber is monstrous.
    To a seasoned flathunter, something that can swallow your child is "THE ONE"!:cool2:
  14. misterwhisker

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    T. Bowl
    Indeed a trophy is in the eyes of the beholder:wink: and by the way you shouldnt be puttin carp down for it is the most popular sport fish in the world, so they say
  15. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    When I think of trophy fish, the first thing that comes to my mind are some little bluegills. One of the grade schools has a summer school in the park program at the state park where my wife works. One day a week they have a fishing day for the little kids, I volunteer to help with this. My day is spent helping :smile2: I hear, "Mr. Griz, my hook is stuck out there again." " Mr. Griz, me and sally's string got tangled again." :smile2: Mr. Griz can I catch that turtle." But as each of the littles one catch a fish they get their picture taken holding their trophy. The look on their faces makes it all worth while. Then 2 or 3 weeks later as I'm standing in a checkout line or sitting in a resturant and hear a little voice say "mommy thats Ranger Tammy and Mr. Griz, he helped me catch my fish." Thats when those little bluegill become a bigger trophy than a 100lb catfish,(at least I seem to walk a little taller going out than I did going in.)
  16. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    If I can just get my first cat of '09 It'll be a trophy no matter the size.....:eek:oooh::roll_eyes::wink::smile2:
  17. bigcatmaniac

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    California Miss
    I think griz said it all. I love takin kids huntin or fishin just to see the look on their face when they bag that big buck or turkey or catch that "whopper". I was lucky enough to get to take two brothers turkey hunting this youth season, and the look on each of their faces was priceless when they saw those toms walk out strutting. I figured that my father took the time outta his day to teach me how to hunt and fish, i should do my best to help keep the sport alive, and thats exactly how we should all look at this. Those kids are the next in line and when i get to take one and light the little fire to get them in the outdoors, i believe that i might have just helped save this special sport that we all love so much.
  18. brew1961

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    West Virgi
    Jason & Young John hits the nail on the head. It's all up to the individual, their memories of any given fishing trip. I enjoy taking kids fishing last year I took an adult fishing for the first time in her life. She caught bigger fish than I have ever caught it took me a couple months to top her catches.:wink: But every fish she caught was a trophy to her, she loves to show off her pictures. Talking about pictures I always have my camera on the boat, when someone catches a fish no matter the size I take their picture. I think when they show it off maybe it will get more people involved in our sport. Good comments all! Peace, Tim
  19. Netmanjack

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    –noun, plural -phies.

    1.anything taken in war, hunting, competition, etc., esp. when preserved as a memento; spoil, prize, or award.

    2.anything serving as a token or evidence of victory, valor, skill, etc.

    3.a carving, painting, or other representation of objects associated with or symbolic of victory or achievement.

    4.any memento or memorial.

    5.a memorial erected by certain ancient peoples, esp. the Greeks and Romans, in commemoration of a victory in war and consisting of arms or other spoils taken from the enemy and hung upon a tree, pillar, or the like.

    Just to clear the waters so to speak.

    I Choose #4 when it comes to fishing.

    I personally and literally see no mention of size as a contributing factor in the definition of the word trophy. I conclude that the majority of fishermen here see it that way also.

    I have heard the term trophy wife, does that mean she is a 400#er! One you just want to remember, or could she be one you had to fight for! lol :crazy:
  20. jolie

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    Excellent sentiment I definitely agree...

    I also think along the same lines, that someone's standing here shouldn't depend on the size/weight/and amount of the fish he posts. When, I see people occasionally judge a BOC brother on how much or how heavy he catches, it always bothers me.

    I'm sure people come on-line for many reasons, but one thing that brings me back is friendliness and helpfulness. You want a brother thats been in your shoes when need advice or a problem and a brother that is friendly and shares fishing adventures.

    After all, if this was a contest there'd be little reason for most of these fishing reports. Put it plainly, if its all about big fish on BOC; I should (and so should a lot of people) stop posting, because there's trips where no big trophies was caught. But, I'm active- not because I catch chest freezer sized blue cats, but because there's friendly people that read my adventures. they sympathize when I don't catch, and congradulate when I do; even if what I catch is not all that big. its big for me!

    this implies both the reading and the telling; and some of my best friends here are those that post, comment and read. That is one of the better things about the "thanks" button and the Rep button. Even if you have no significant comment to add about someones catch you can always give back a 'thanks' to let him no your glad he shared his trip.

    thats another reason why its good to continue to post and not lurk. if you want to make real friends, here online; we've got to get to know you, and you should try to get to know us and share in the joy, and beauty of our fishing experiences.