Troost Lake

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    From the KC Star-

    A 33-year-old man told police Wednesday night that someone stole his fish at Troost Lake and then shot him when he gave chase.
    The victim suffered a gunshot wound to the left lower leg.
    The shooting occurred about 10:10 p.m. Wednesday at the water’s edge near 29th Street and the Paseo.
    Witnesses told police the victim had been fishing with four friends when two men approached. One of the men pulled the victim’s string of 12 to 15 fish from the lake and ran away with the second man. The victim followed them and the second man turned around and fired four to five gunshots at the victim.
    The victim fell to the ground. The suspects fled in a white Chevrolet Suburban. A friend of the victim who had just arrived at the lake followed the suspects to Gregory Boulevard and Prospect Avenue, where he lost the vehicle.
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    I saw that on the news this morning. I never heard of troost lake before. last year at Pierson lake a man was robbed and carjacked while he was fishing, but i have never heard of someone stealing fish. Isn't 15 fish over the limit for four people anyway?

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    Some people will do anything for a carp!! :)