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    I'm sure the question has been asked before but which way do most of you drift fish with the current or against. Saturday night at mosquito lake my dad and I finally got our 6 fish limit in a neocats tournament at mosquito lake. However we only had 13 lbs 8 ounces with all 6 it was a fun night though as it always is at neocats events. I'm asking this question cuz we caught 2 fish trolling at 1 mph against the wind and 3 where we were just floating with motor off using the current to take us wherever it wanted. I do know the 3 we caught going with the current 2 of those 3 were the two biggest fish of the night. Oh yeah we would have probably had about 15 lbs but our 3rd biggest fish died only the 2nd fish we have lost in two years of tourneys. Anyway I'm just curious as to which way most people like to driftfish thanks for answering if you do.
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    I just let the current or wind take me where ever it wants too. Seems to work pretty good around here. Hats off to you and your dad for taking great care of fish during the tourneys.

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    that used a MinnKota trolling motor, tiller type, to catfish one of the lakes I fish a good bit. That old guy used to catch some bragging size cats on, now get this, Rapala Minnows! The trick was, he had a very small down rigger and fished only the depth he chose from doing this for years. I've often thought of that old guy and the fish he caught and thought of trying it myself. But, I guess I'm too tight to buy a down rigger and all the equipment it would take to get started. Now don't laugh at me boys, if'n I were gonna tell ya a big lie, I'd tell you one that you'd come closer to believing than that. Honest.