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  1. slowboat

    slowboat New Member

    Are there any of the experts that can explain how you know
    how deep your lure is when you are trolling. and are there any
    special lures like suspended or floating
  2. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    I am no expert but the lure your using has a depth range and should stay pretty close to that range. Shallow lures (I think) are 1-3 foot, medium depth lures (I think ) are 3-7 foot and deep divers are about 6/7-11 foot. You can get a little deeper using lighter line but then you increase your chances of breaking off. I never trolled with top water plugs so I can't answer that part. I am sure someone with more experience will answer your question better soon. I almost forgot if your drifting you can use a slab and drag the bottom.

  3. catfishrollo

    catfishrollo New Member

    alot has to do with the angle and nose of the bait, like said different baits run at different depths. alot has to do with the speed or retrieve of the bait. you might wanna check into that one if planning on trolling. some baits simply aren't made for fast trolling. dipsy divers can also allow you to get baits even deeper. and run at various depths...goodluck..rollo