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Discussion in 'Boating' started by droptine77, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Anderson, SC
    Fixing to buy a bow mounted TM and was wondering what are the advanteges of 24v system over a 12 v. I would think a longer run time but a disadvantge is buying two batteries. All my other boats came with trolling motors so I haven't had to shop for one. Any advice on brands and and models would be appreciated. 17.5 fiberglass center console that weighs about 1750lbs. Thanks guys!
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    Well, I'm glad to know that Im not the ONLY guy suffering through this! I just got a 1910 NauticStar Bay boat and will be fishing "mostly" the Mississippi river, I have been shopping for a trolling motor for 2 weeks! Get 24 volt system..longer run time...higher available thrust(for those times its needed!) I am "seriously considering the Minn Kota Riptide ST....the Terrova is the freshwater version.(only real reason Im looking at riptide is because its white and so is my boat..if you spend that much for a trolling motor, it should match boat!) I like the auto-pilot feature...set your direction and it gets you there.....I think this would be GREAT for "drifting" the rivers! You can operate this motor from ANYwhere in the boat. I guess the BOTTOM line is this.......YOU are the one that will live with your decision!!! Be HAPPY and dont get in a hurry! I have had other brands of TM's before and I dont like that the "other" brands have a ss or aluminum shaft.....I like Minn Kota's "composite" shaft! I hope this helps! Good Boating!:smile2:

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    It would be according to where you use it. I only fish on a lake and have a 12 volt Motor-Guide 43 lb trust, 42 " shaft. 99 % of the time it's in the slowest speed setting. Tracker Pro Crappie 175, 17.5 ft aluminum boat with 60 hp motor.
    Good luck!
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    Mark theres not a 12 volt trolling motor out there that will work on that boat.
    He would always be running on high just to move the boat. They may clam the 12 volt will out last the 24 volt. But it will not handle the boat like a 24 volt.
    Now in a drill. I do know a 14 volt will run longer then a 18 volt but that is from heat.
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    If you are fishing rivers and you need to fight the current I wouldn't look at any thing less than an 80lb thrust for a boat of that size and weight.
    If you just fish lakes you could probably get by with a 50lb thrust.
    Either way you will be looking at a 24v system.