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Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by Mid-MO fisherman, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Mid-MO fisherman

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    Jefferson City, Mo
    I am looking to get a trolling motor for my '84 Champion fish n ski. Just curious what some of you use or if you have a suggestion for my boat i would be glad to hear it. I will be looking for a used one and dont know much about them. Any suggestions on what to look for on a used one and what to steer clear of would also be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mr.T

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    I wouldn't buy a used trolling motor. You're just picking up someone else's problem -- the only reason someone would sell one is either they've tore it up or it's too small for their boat. If the latter, it'll be too small for your boat also.

    I'd check Cabelas or Bass Pro for factory reconditioned models -- cheaper than brand new but still covered by the same warranty. Go with 24v if you can. Not sure what size you need but I'd guess somewhere around 70lb thrust or so.

  3. Mid-MO fisherman

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    Jefferson City, Mo
    thanks for the input Mr.T. I will probably end up waiting a little longer so i can save the money and buy a new one.
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    Clarksville, Tennessee
    I have a 46lb thrust, 5 speed, 12volt foot controlled on my boat now, 16'3" basstracker. I have fished the river, and lake with the motor. No complaints. It holds against the current or will move the boat upstream against current in the river. Very satisfied.
  5. samh

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    I've got a 17 foot 84 model Champion with a 74 lbs handcontrolled 24 volt OMC trolling motor on it, got it from Cabela's ,on line, in their "Bargin Cave" it was a discontinued model that I got for about $250 less than I could get anything else in the same size. Really wasn't looking for one this big, but at the price it was cheaper than the 50lbs models I was looking for. Check the Cabela's site every week or so as they are always put'n new stuff in the bargin cave, Bass Pro also has a clearance section on their site but seems like Cabela's usually has more stuff in theirs.

    I like the handcontrolled models better than footcontrolled, esp. when fishing rivers, since you can leave it on full time when in current, plus there is just a lot less to go wrong with one, also I'm get'n too old to stand on one foot all the time.
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    New jersey
    If yer buying a new one go WIRELESS!
    Them things are awesome,just got me a 70 sum thrust motor guide that literally picks the bow up on my 16 ft lowe.Flys.

    I have a hard time useing it at highest speed,its a foot controled model and jerks pretty hard when ya tap on it....LOL

    If ya go used just be careful what ya get,look at it good,try it,use it....
    Theres alot of quality used stuff out there.E-bay would be one place to look.

    I have 2 in the garage,1 transom mkount and 1 foot pedestal.Nothing wrong with either.I personally don't like the transom mount,and the foot one is a lil underpower for me but may be perfect for someone else.

    Good luck whichever way ya go,If its affordable fer ya i'd go with the new wirekless motors.If ya end up with a 24 volt motor don't let anyone fool you into thinking you can't run 12 volts off it also..........

    YOU CAN!
    My theory is your only pulling 24 volts off 1 battery,and useing the other battery as a return for the ground,thus allowing only 12 volts to draw off battery A.

    Heres how its wired,
    ((battery a, run the positive to the negative on battery b,
    red/hot wire from trolling motor goes to positve of battery b,
    negative from trolling motor goes to battery a

    run yer 12 volt gadgets off battery a))

    I have a diagram i'll take a photo of an get up fer ya if ya like
    This is how i wired my motor up and it wewrks,and the fishfinder,radio,lights,bilge,and aerator all work and run off the same 2 batteries powering the trollin mmotor.
  7. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    for my trolling motor, I contacted local repair shops, and purchased a remanufactured one