Trolling motor mounting on a drop deck

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by paleocaver, Jun 7, 2006.

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    How have some of you overcome the problem of mounting a foot controlled trolling motor on a jon boat with a three or four inch deep lip like most have these days? If any have built custom risers to do it, could you attach a photo to give me some ideas?

    A boat I had several years ago - a previous owner had simply hack-sawed a gap in it. I don't want to do that for the obvious reason of weakening the boat.
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    Hacksawed the danged boat to get it to fit. What a numbnut!

    Just stack a couple of 2x6's to get the height over the edge. Screw down the first one then srew down the second one to it. Add whatever thickness of plywood you might need to get the base level to the top edge of the boat. I've never needed more than two 2x6's.

  3. malaki

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    i had a set up like that for a while. i used a piece of aluminum plate held up buy angle iron bolted to the inside wall and some pipe to make risers with long bolts to hold it up off of the bench seat. worked good but the motor didnt so i went with a transom mount.
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    Sure would like to see that boat, what a rum dumb
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    what I do is use 1/4" alum plate and cope the edge to mach the top/gunwhale of the boat. I make it long enough so it will reach back to where the deck ends. From the aluminum plate I weld another plate so it will drop down at a 90 and meet the vertical surface of the deck. All this is welded solid to the boat. I don't have a boat or pics of this mod. Wish I did now. I do this for a marina here in town on there new boats. I do the same thing for mounting anchor mates.