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    Any ideas on bow mounting a trolling motor on a 14ft lowe v hull? Does someone make a clamp on model for the bow?
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    I assume you are talking a remote/foot controlled trolling motor. If so, I would find a piece of aluminum plate and mount it either by welding (stronger) or screws/rivots and then mount the motor onto the plate. You would have to mount supporting brackets from the plate to the hull of the boat. If you do this, lay it all out first to see how far it sticks out into the front deck area of the boat incase you ever fish with the trolling motor in the up position. You wouldn't want it to be sticking out in your seating area. Room in a boat that size is a premium, so plan accordingly.
    I did this to a 16 foot v-bottom about 25 years ago for an old Minn Kota foot controlled motor. It worked great. I used stuff I found laying around my house. I mounted the motor on a piece of aluminum plate and used stiff shelf brackets to support it. I wouldn't advise using shelf brackets today, but you could fashion your own brackets if you have access to cutting equipment and/or a welder.
    If you do make something on your own, post it in the boat modifications section. You might give someone with the same idea some help.
    Good luck and have fun with it if you make it.:cool2:
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    If you just want to use a clamp-on, you could turn the head unit 180 degrees and your good to go.:wink: