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Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by MuDD_Cat23, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. MuDD_Cat23

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    North Carolina
    I have a 1436 jon boat right now and i am turning it into a little pan fishing boat that i can do some serious bream and a little bass fishing out of it i am in the process of adding a casting deck and so on. I have found a Minn Kota 54 inch shaft 48 pound thrust foot controlled trolling motor with auto piliot on it for 150 dollers and i was wondering if this was a good buy and if the 54 inch shaft will be too much for the boat i mean i can move it up and down if need be but just seeing if this would be ideal for my little jon
  2. Jollymon

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    Wilm .N.C
    if you have room for it to store on not hinder your fishn it should work fine like u said u can adjust it up to depth u need for your boat just watch out for low limbs & bridges,sounds like a good deal to me

  3. rasmotherman

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    sounds like a great deal. i would scoop it up