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    I have a 2000 Triton TR186 with a motor guide foot control trolling motor. Motor quit working the other day when we were out fishing.It will not turn on. The wiring at the batteries is fine. I put 2 new batteries in there from my other boat so it's not a battery problem. It's got to be either the switch on the foot control or a fuse. Boat has 50 amp buss fuses right by the batteries {it's a 12/24 volt motor}. How do I check the fuses.... this sounds like a stupid question but it's not like a breaker fuse like my other boat. It says buss 50AMP but how does it work? I'm at work so I can't post a picture. Might be the switch in the foot pedal too? Any Help would be appreciated my wife is out of work since springtime so I don't have money to take it anywhere.
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    The easy way to check it is with a volt meter. Check the wires on the foot control and see if you are getting any voltage. I would check it with the unit off and with the unit on just incase its a switch in the foot control, also check at the buss fuse on the voltage. Let me know if I can help in any way. If there is no voltage at the buss fuse then I woulld say sell it to me becasue you don't want a boat that has problems like this. :big_smile: I'll give you a good price on it since it is damaged. :roll_eyes:
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