Trolling for catfish on Santee Cooper Lake

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    Has anyone ever had luck trolling for cats on Santee using a rebel lure? i have been told that this is true ! if it is it sounds fun !
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    north carolina
    i have done real good with them but my biggest one trolling was a 19lber. my grandpaw caught a 36lber around the backside of the islands in front of angels landing years ago. its like a tug o war with them when you catch them trolling with crankbaits. i havent tried it in years since i stopped bass fishing but it can be done. the 19lber i caught was on a old diawa mag force reel on a bass rod. i didnt think i would ever get that fish i will say we was targeting bass back then but if you got in the right spot sometimes you could fill the boat up with the 15lbs fish and under. i dont think it would be near as affective as cut bait and other baits. we done alot of trolling back then and covered alot of ground an i think we got hung up a few times too.:lol: so take a plug knocker with you. thinking back on it i think july and august was the best months for this. i remember one day we found the blues trolling and i was catching them ever pass. dad said lets go on and i said no! turn the boat around one more time....:big_smile: he wasnt catchin em.....:lol: o man alot of fun back then. thanks for bringing back some childhood memeories with this one.