trolling baits from shore

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by upncomincatfishking, Feb 18, 2009.

would you try trolling baits from shore

  1. I have tried it.

  2. I havn't tried before but will give it a try.

  3. its a stupid idea wouldn't try it.

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  1. upncomincatfishking

    upncomincatfishking New Member

    Cheviot Ohio
    I was just wandering if anyone else ever tried this. cause I have and had some good success when they wouldn't bite this is how we got them too. well at the paylake here in ohio(lake julie ann) in harrison. I was slowly trolling warmouths on a bobber about 3-5 ft off the bank. standing on one bank and throwing parallel with another in about 2-4ft of water at most and caught a couple good size flats. and another night in polk county north carolina me and my little brother were fishin for channels with livers. and noticed we were only gettin bites on the retreival. so we started throwin out next to this over flow drain that had a phone pole with a street light on it shining over the water and were throwing out and slowly reeling it back in and started killin eating size channels and a few real good ones. so I just wonder if anyone else has tried, would try, or just plain think it is a stupid idea.
  2. BIG_D

    BIG_D New Member

    Batchtown IL.
    i have never tried it but have cawt cats bass fishing so i would think it would work just never thout to do it catfishing befor but i will give it a try

  3. Dick Pasfield

    Dick Pasfield New Member

    Wester Australia
    Sounds good to me, if it works do it. That technique works with plenty of other fish
  4. jagdoctor1

    jagdoctor1 New Member

    I'll tell you a story that may help some. Last summer I went fishing with Snagged2. I was personally doing more drinking than fishing that trip but none the less when morning came I was watching a 3 pd channel playing in the rocks in front of me. I dropped my cut bluegill soaked in liver blood in front of him and he ran off. I left it there and sure enough he came back... Well I waited and waited repositioning it closer to him often but he wasn't intrested. I got bored so I lifted it off the bottom. As soon as it started going up he nailed it like a bass would... It was odd but that's the way it went.
  5. brinley45cal

    brinley45cal Active Member

    hey if it works its not stupid,ive caught them like that before,a few big ones to while the big boys were guarding the nest they will hit anything that comes close.
  6. shania

    shania New Member

    San Leandro, Ca
    The way that I see it, "There's No such thing as a stupid idea that catches fish"
    If it works, it works - "Period". :confused2:

    This is something that I have done before that is something like that:
    Sometimes when I'm shore fishing at my little spot on the Ca. Delta - I've have place a peace of cut bait, about 3 to 4 feet under a bobber, cast it about 6 feet in front of me into the current, and let the tide movement slowly take it down the river, but to me that would be more like Drifting. and I found that the best time to do that is at the tide change (from low to high or high to low) and when I do that I go down the shore line about 100 yards, stop for a munite and fish the spot that I'm now in - then do it all over again.
    (But like I said before, I may be Drifting)
  7. katkiller77

    katkiller77 New Member

    dayton ohio
  8. SSgt Fishslayer

    SSgt Fishslayer New Member

    south carolina
    when i was a kid we used to fish a farm pond that had channels in it. they were partial to redworms so we knew what kind of bait they liked. we went chasing them one afternoon and couldnt get a bite. well after sitting there fishing redworms under bobbers for about an hour i started to reel mine in. it didnt move 6 inches before it got nailed by a 4 lbs channel. so i tried it again. this tie it moved a foot and then got slammed. we fished like that for about 2 more hours and caught over 30 good sized eating cats. we didnt keep but about 10 but they sure were fun to catch. so yeah i believe it works, and i dont think it is stupid at all.